Boomer Reviews DocDanish: Making Adjustments

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Boomer concludes his review of member DocDanish focusing on making adjustments vs known opponents


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy my latest video concluding the review of DocDanish

    Any questions/comments please leave below
  • FlorinCatana


    about the Q9 hand
  • FlorinCatana


    sorry about dbl posting first of all
    i don't see any possible thin value bet;
    even if we had KQ it would have been a chop
    he might call with JJ and thats the only thing i can see in his calling range once the 9 has paired, so checking back is more than fine, it's the only way, imo
  • Boomer2k10


    I think you mean QT if I'm right

    You're being way pessimistic if you think JJ is the only hand he can call us with

    He has every pocket pair in his range and he didn't x/r the flop or 3-bet preflop.

    Now the Ace on the board may scare him a little away from raising the flop with a 9 but I still think he'd raise his stronger 9's.

    So his flop peeling range seems like 8's, pocket pairs, K-Highs and some weak draws and weak 9's.

    Once he peels the turn we can add queens to that list which sucks but it's a chop on the river with any Q anyway

    Additionally all the draws have missed and we have our CO opening range and all we've done is 3-barrel

    By tying all 3 streets together here we end up at the fact that he just doesn't have that many hands here that can beat us so to me this is actually becoming even more of a value bet that I originally thought.

    He maj not have a vast quantity of hands that we get value off but he shouldn't really have many hands that beat us either and we can safely bet/fold to a raise becasue it's the bottom of our value-betting range and a bet goes in much better for us on the river if we make it than if he does
  • Boomer2k10


    Interesting hand though and I'm hoping to get some strategic discussion going on it so I've opened a thread here