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Fitzinator18 takes us into his standard session with a look at managing mass multi-tabling SNGs


Live Video mass tabling MTSNG thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from Fitzinator18

    If you have any questions or comments for Stephen please leave them below
  • CollinMoshman


    Nice video! Interesting decision to limp/stab with A4o in SB low blinds vs loose-passive big blind. I normally value raise there, but given that we're OOP with little FE and can go after 3 streets post when we connect, I think I should start switching a bit more of my raising range to limps in spots like that.
  • Talent2


    Min 0:45: in my opinion thats an easy defend, given the odds we are getting with any suited Ax.
    Min 4:30 Why not betting sth like 165 against sb who might be a fish, given that he limp/called pre!? I think we wonna maximize our profit there and not being concerned of being balanced with our betsizing, I prefer betting bigger in these spots!
    Min 10:20 You even mention that your not happy about that cbet because the texture hits your ooponents definding range quite well, so why not check back flop and delay cbet turn!?
    Min 11: Against such a Vpip-monster I would definitely iso A9o in the co
    Min 11:07 why not defending ATo in the bb vs a minraise by a pretty activ opponent, at least its not an auto muck imo!?
    MIn 11:25 is limping back on the button with QJo no option?

    Sadly enough I have not enough time to watch the whole video but thx anyways for the interesting spots! :)
    Just another general question:
    I often miss the fact that coaches don`t seem to care of making "notes"(having a colour for fish) while having free time between hands, I think there is a ton of value in marking these especially if you play stacked just to make it obvious to yourself where the spots at the tables are located! Won`t you agree on that?
    Thx again :)
  • LeTrac


    bei 45:31 sieht man die Adresse...
  • LeTrac


    at 45:31 its possible to see your adress
  • pleno1


    Fitzy is currently on a flight to Vegas btw guys!
  • Konnikickass


    18:00 should not be a jam with JTo middle position pre ante with 8.
  • Konnikickass


    18:02. JTo Middle Postion 8BB pre-Ante. Not a jam.
  • Konnikickass


    23:00 easy jam with 44 from the highjack for 11. unexploitabe nash shove. sorry for double post.
  • fitzinator18


    0:45 agree, pretty terrible fold, a function of my session just starting and me trying to introduce it im sure.

    4:30 maybe you're right, I just went with a normal cbet size, not a deeper meaning to it but again, narrating and playing 10 tables is harder than it sounds and you end up just clicking the standard bet button. i imagine it's what I'd do in a standard 20 tabling session too

    10:20 def tons of great reasons for delayed cbetting, if i didnt have the Qc I would have delayed cbet for sure. with the Qc I can try and get to showdown on a Q turn and barrel any club or straight card vs a guy I have a yellow tag on (usually means theyre somewhere between 'meh' and 'okay' but not just massive stations). but yes I didnt verbalise my thoughts greatly in this spot!

    11:00 agree about A9o, nice spot!

    11:07 would be a meh spot to defend, +EV but ATo plays rly bad postflop so I just decide to muck, if i was somehow 1 tabling I dont see myself folding though.

    11:25 overlimping is fine yeah not sure why i didnt tbh

    yeah usually I would give a couple of the vpip monsters a blue fish tab. just was probably more focussed on my narration but definitely a mistake on my part.

    @#7 18:00 yeah its just outside the shove range with J9s and QJo both being shoves, nevermind :( that being said the blinds were both v.tight so its pretty close.

    23:00 44 hand, yeah it is, edge pass probably isnt too bad but this was a pretty nitty fold.

    thanks for all comments :)
  • VivianLiz