$30 Ipoker Rebuy Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $27 - $38
  • Fullring
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Fitzinator18 plays a $30 Rebuy on Ipoker focusing on how he plays the rebuy period and his approach to the early stages


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy our latest video from our Tournament coach fitzinator18

    If you have any questions/comments for Steven please leave them below
  • taschendamenfalter


    you missed an important spot at 25:10 , as you doubled (A5?)
  • fitzinator18


    Hey, I'm currently in Vegas and will answer questions when I return on the 5th of July
  • AggroNitt


    At min. 6 i think checkbehind is much better than cbetting.

    If your oponent is not very spewy he can play perfectly against u. He will call with any Ace and fold any worse.

    If u checkbehind he can much more mistaks (i.e that he is bluffing to much etc).
    and i think the reraise on the River is a bit overplayed becouse nothing worse should call...
  • fitzinator18


    @#4 I think i like checking behind with my exact hand so I agree. however to most players this turns your hand face up and leads to being pretty easy to play against. however vs an unknown on ipoker I shouldnt rly give them credit for handreading and i prefer a checkback.

    I dont think raising river is too thin, hes repping AT, AJ type hands and isnt going to have me beat too often (although obviously he will sometimes). If we're giving him credit for being terrible we should assume hes just going to call off with AJ type hands and make a thin raise.

    @#2 yeah woops! for some reason it doesnt get classed as a significant pot in the replayer lolz. i jammed 8k at 300/600 on the button with A5o, sb called with 33 and I got there so nothing particularly interesting
  • eddycadub1


    6:55 - think i prefer just flat river, not sure that any Ax calls a river raise. I think even the non regs will understand you aren't bluffing here and fold out all hands that aren't 2pair+, and all 2pairs that he can have beat us really. imo :)