Champions Stand Up One More Time Than the Rest: Practical Review

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Raskolnikov winds up the Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest series with a Practical Review of the Series and Stephen's accomplishments


Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest hand history review series Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone and please enjoy the finale of Champions Stand Up

    If you have any questions or comments for Gordon please post them below
  • Raskolnikov


    Something got mixed up there. The mindset part starts at minute 53:00 . It's best to start the video there and when finished, watch from the start.

    For those who want to apply, either write me here in the community or email an application to (this is in regards to what you see from minute 53 on)
  • Raskolnikov


    Also, Imachampion is almost up 40k this month;) . Pls go to his blog and congratulate him for his energy and endurance :
  • Remedytogo


    Hey Gordon,

    great video I like it a lot.

    I'm your next student from Germany for the next time.
    The email is on the way :)
  • JurassicDaniel


    Hello Gordon,

    I'm your next poker student from germany for the next time.

    I will sent you my email/ PN tomorrow

    JurassicDaniel (from your website)
  • Kana54


    I have no doubt the vidz is good, but the song quality is just pretty bad, we can't hear gordon :S
  • ursusmm


    Hey, really nice video.
    I would be interested to know which bankroll managements Steven used when climbing up the limits.


    Email sent, from the Swedish community.
  • Raskolnikov


    Thx for the nice feedback on the vid

    #8 We used a bit more aggro BRM (30-40 BI) that i would typically suggest. The reason for this is bc i have lot of oversight and Steven had less ego problems when moving down.

    However Steven himself became a bit more cautious when moving up and required a bit more BR.

    We also played weaker people when moving up to a new limit. Once we've established ourselves, we would play more people and then everybody.
  • RovarTry


    Email sent from English community.
  • acceleration123


    Hey, very nice video.

    I have a question about T9 hand, starts at 38:34.

    In the hud the guy never folds to c/raises, so i don´t like the F c/r, but Steven said that it was in the beggining of the match so let´s not talk about that.

    My question is about the river play; I gotta admit I thought it was crazy crazy bluff :D. I understand we´re usually folding out everything that is not flush, i just think there is way more hands that DO have a flush than those that don´t. Even if he had Jx, there are a lot of Jx hands that had a spade as well, as well as hand like 8xTs, all overpairs with a spade, pocket 99 with a spade etc. And yes, he might fold a hand like 9 high flush, I just think it´s not what we´re trying to do according to Gordon´s bluffing philosophy, are we ?

    Maybe i am too close minded about the spot and the 4th spade scares me off too much ?

  • Raskolnikov



    It's about different countries and langauges. This means that people especially from smaller countries have a pretty good chance.

    In a way, English speaking countries will have a more difficult time because Steven is filling that role already.
  • Raskolnikov



    1) It's all in your mind. Everything that scares YOU, likely scare your opponent.

    2) You can pretty much "always" raise an OESD, even if villain rarely folds. If he floats to much, you'll have more pair outs. And even those who "never" fold, will fold their T high backdoor bs at least on the turn.

    3) I disagree about your assessment of his range. In order for him to have an ez call here, he needs to have called with the K or A of spade. That is possible (AJ,KJ), but there's only 1 combo of each, while there are more combos of AJ,KJ without a spade.
    Ande keep in mind, we don't have to win every time to make this +EV.
    So even if we KNEW he has TP on the turn all the time, it's a no brainer bluff.

    I could go more into detail, but the philosophy i teach is not to make stupid and thoughtless bluffs and try to make people fold BIG HANDS.

    We're trying to make him fold non-flush hands, which on a 4flush board are not exactly that tough to fold...
  • Shevtshenko


    The AQ on QJ7, 8, 7

    Villain has probably 100% of AT and at the very least KTs in his range, so 20 potential bluff combos on the river. And there's a chance he's valuebetting when checked to with KQ. Hence I wouldn't be so quick to judge that c/cing the river is out of question.

    Regarding the imachampion offer, is there some upper limitation regarding the stakes one can be playing? Also, i don't know what was the deal between you and your current students, so could you elaborate if what you're offering is coaching for a % of student's winnings? Or if you've done it some other way, please explain how.
  • MisterSnS


    Thanks for lowering the status, Gordon! It kind of woke me up. I am ready to join you and email is already sent.

  • Raskolnikov



    His high raise of cbet makes those holdings less likely, at least to a certain degree. I didn't categorically rule out c/call, but in order for this to work, he needs to

    - have those hands
    - AND bluff them

    If that were the case, yes, definitely.

    Regarding the offer: no upper limits, yes i take a %.
  • Raskolnikov



    You're welcome. And i hope you follow through whether your applications gets approved or not.
  • MisterSnS


    Thanks! I won't give up, for sure ;)
  • yomatiyo


    hi there, I wanna to aplly but I dont understand entire how is the question...

    I play actually NL200 sh in pstars, I play 6max and FR, but I love to play HU and had played a lot..

    I will send u a mail whit my questions xD
  • yomatiyo


    just send u a mail! my skype is:


    please add me xD
  • yomatiyo


    and I agree, university people fuck xD, that is why I play poker and do what I like for my life... art and other bullshits xD
  • yomatiyo


    and if u want a DEDICATED person, well man... u have just found me!
  • thisrockz


    Email sent instantly!
  • sandercvo


    Heey Gordon,

    I am from the Netherlands, so that means you will choose one person of this country right?
    When are you going to decide which one you choose as a student? I haven't started a blog yet, but I really want you as my coach so I will start one quickly.
  • sandercvo


    I forget a thing. Do you only coach HU or also 6max?
  • Raskolnikov


    #26, 27

    I coach both, but most likely students will go for HU.
    Send your email and just make it impossible for me to not choose you. I've received 5-line applications. They will not get chosen.

    There was one guy who is willing to murder (not literally lol) to get this deal. This is what i wanna see and that guy will be chosen for sure.

    I don't care if you're black,white,yellow, red or if you play NL2, 50 or 1000. This stuff matters short term , but is irrelevant long term.

    Longterm your charakter and attitudes win.
  • thisrockz


    Do you confrim to the people that you read the email?

    This uncertainity that you didn't read the email or it landed in the spam mail is killing me!
  • yomatiyo


    hey there, I recive not answer at all.. not for here, not for mail.

  • yomatiyo


    at least please inform me and tell me: you are NOT chossed.

    So I can cry, but stop F5 this and my mail account.
  • Raskolnikov



    soon i will respond to everybody. We got lots of applications. Again, there is not a limited number, but a limit to how willing people are. I have to filter people who are just motivated right now and who are going to be motivated after the big downswing that WILL come.

    Also, there is no time limit to applications. If you watch this video today, apply.
  • ibiba


    Hey! I am from Ukraine. Can I be your next student? If you have a minute, please look my blog:

    I want to be better!
  • yomatiyo


    "I have to filter people who are just motivated right now and who are going to be motivated after the big downswing that WILL come."

    that is ME =)
  • Raskolnikov


    #33 Moshna ;) Please email me.


    to all: You can always apply. I've now answered everybody in person (Alexa will send emails out the next hours).
  • MisterSnS


    Did some of you already received a response?
  • JurassicDaniel


    no, not yet. Im already exited for the answer. Its like christmas and everyone is waiting for the presents.
  • MisterSnS


    true ;)
  • thisrockz


    Also didnt receive an email yet. How about the others?
  • yomatiyo


    I did not =(
  • Fiskantes


    I already got an answer guys :)
  • Raskolnikov


    We have answered everybody so far. Pls email again if you have sent before July 11th and didn't receive an answer.
  • yomatiyo


    I havent recibe any answer...
    I am just sending email again now
  • yomatiyo


    done, if u dont recibe, can u add me to your skype? mi skype is

  • Jumbleboy


    hi champion!

    I'm playing nl10-25 SH BSS. what do u suggest to move up faster?

    thx in progress! video is super cool!!
  • Pabloka


    Notice that my english is horrible xD

    T9o hand: you said thre is only 1 combo with A of spade of AJ. There are 3. In the river you need 55% aprox of fe. I counted the combos and the fish have at less 50% of spades in his range, becouse he have a lot of slowplays flush, some KsTx Qs9x QsTx and hands like AsQx AsKx, KsQx, or AxKs. also have op and underpairs with spades. If you say he is only calling with A and K of sapades it must be ok, but here its not the case (vs a regular can be).
    Another thing: the size on the river, i think betting 180 it have a similar fe that betting 300.
  • dudizada


    email sent
  • a111n


    Hi, where can I get the HUD settings pls?
  • SasoriHayate


    Bumhunter scum
  • AlexSl4y


    Does anybody knows, Does raskolnikov have a blog or diary to see?
  • misspookie


    at 35 minutes of the video its a pretty easy shove. Go big or go home what I tell people You got aq even if he raises the flop I am still getting it in in 3b pot. Its a cooler. But steven is still wrong. If the guy raises the flop in a pot thats not 3b he can still be strong. bUt in a 3b pot he could slow play a big hand cause the pot is bloated. So Steven still kind of wrong on the fact that if the guy check raises he is weak. Maybe in a 3b pot but smaller pots we still are not sure.
  • misspookie


    I agree great bluff on the 4 card flush board. but on a 7,8,9 board he didn't play the hand right. So many draws he will continue with and their is to many scare cards that can kill his hand on the turn and river
  • misspookie


    I owuld like him to just cal lthe flop on a 2 8 10 board and any over card just call and then jam river. But that boards to wet.
  • misspookie


    I will check out his blog didn't know he had one is it on your poker site or on poker strategy?