Introducing Shevtshenko: NL50 Live on Ladbrokes

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  • $50
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We introduce Shevschenko, our new NL coach, as he takes us through a session he recently played at NL50 oin Ladbrokes


Ladbrokes Live Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy our first English Video from Shevtshenko

    If you have any questions or comments for the coach please leave them below
  • mesisification


    Are you finish?
  • mesisification


  • Shevtshenko


    #2: Yes.
  • mesisification


    sitähän minäkin :)
  • HuhtalaJ


    Cool introduction, I like it =D Glad to have you as a coach!
  • VCRulez


    Thanks Shevtshenko for your first coaching video. Sound quality was good, picture quality could have been higher (kinda pixelated).

    I have a few comments on your played hands:

    1) 45s, table 1, minute 11
    We don't know much about this player so we have to assume what his calling range looks like. It could be something like 99+,AQs+,KQs,AQo+,KQo. Against this range I would give up on this flop. He will call any pair and most of the time with Ahigh. We always have to barrel with no equity to win this pot.

    2) 88, table 4, minute 16
    I don't think it's good to call the limppush by the fish with 88 for 50 BB. He showed off with AQo but this is the best you could expect. Usually you will run against JJ+ in my opinion.

    3) KQo, table 1, minute 29:40
    I don't like your river push. Villain is a fish and it's obvious he doesn't have a strong hand on the river. So a raise to ~€4 would be way better against his range here.
  • pypciu86


    please more videos from Microgaming :)
  • Shevtshenko



    1)If we think villain's range is that tight, then checking to give up is certainly good. I generally wouldn't expect players' ranges to be that tight blind vs blind, so hence I think cbetting is decent option. I might be biased here, since it's really rare to see such tight calling ranges at higher limits.

    2)As i say during the video, I expect to be flipping a lot of the time and don't think his range contains all combos of QQ+, given the size of his push. To be honest, I can't recall ever seeing someone limp/shove 50bbs with AA in a heads up pot. Also, when playing vs weaker players, it's perfectly reasonable to assign them with larger quantity of just random spazz than would be justified vs regs.

    3) i stand behind my decision to make it big (from 16 to shove)in this spot, i still think that making it something like 10 is a large mistake and raising to 4 is probably in between the expected values of making it large and making 10. I definitely should have gone over the benefits of making it tiny on the river.

    So to recap, i think large > tiny > medium in terms of expected value in this spot. It's reasonable that villain has a hand like QJ/Q9/Tx etc. that is not folding a high % of the time to any size and by making it 4 here is loosing a ton of value vs that part of his range. Of course making it tiny maximizes vs the 55/6x -part of his range.

    Thanks for feedback! It's by far the best for both my (and viewers!) learning to have someone challenging the decisions I made. Also I'm sure you gained something from watching this video, since you payed enough attention to find three corrections to my play.
  • Shevtshenko


    #9) I have some more footage already recorded from Microgaming, so if the feedback from this video is good, I'm happy to have more uploaded.
  • mister23


    pls upload more-nice vid.

    @min 39:can you explain a bit more why you`d never ch fold there? would you ever consider checking back turn with Q9cc?
    yes,we turn equity,but vs this player we have very little foldequity and betting turn won`t be profitable if we dont take it down ui often enough...

    and do you really think this player is folding a K there? i`d think betting turn is better if he is never folding a K even vs a shove...
  • Shevtshenko



    This hand is simply goes into either my chk/raising range or into my donking range, depending on the player in position.

    I think the turn bet is pretty mandatory here, since i expect the sb to be folding most pairs lower than the T on the turn vs my bet size (which there can potentially be tons of combos) and given our massive equity on this turn card, barreling can never really be a bad option.

    A good home work assignment for you (and others!):

    1) check out the equity we have vs Kx on this turn.

    2) do the math on how much fold equity we need for this turn bet to break even given the equity we have.

    3) be surprised how little it is ;)
  • Shevtshenko



    Simply because i think i need this hand in my flop semi-bluffing range, so either it goes into my c/ring range or into my donking range.

    Regarding the turn bet, i think this is pretty mandatory bet, since i assume SB is folding most of his pairs below the turn T. There can potentially be A LOT of combos for those pairs in his range. And because of our massive equity, we need only a little bit of fold equity in order for the bet to be +ev. So no, i don't really expect him to fold a Kx.

    Home work assignment for you (and others!):

    1) check out from Equilab how much equity we have vs a hand like A7 or Kx.

    2) do the math on how much fold equity we need on the turn, with our pot equity. Our equity changes quite a bit if we compare it to Kx and to 7x, so I suggest you do both to understand if we really even mind him calling the turn with a 7x.

    3) be surprised on how low the needed fold equity is :)
  • Shevtshenko


    pffff, maybe one day i'll get used to this...
  • Shevtshenko


  • BC1989RF


    nice video shevtshenko.
    i like your theoretical (balanced) background/speech combined with practical deviations from "standard" plays in game.
    also, it would be v v interesting to see hands through a session review illustrating your "style" - you said you were not that aggro on the early streets. i have had the same approach to the game lately and would like to share plays/views on such a style.
  • Shevtshenko



    by "session review" do you mean hand history review or just a review of my normal session on my normal stakes?

    Regarding "not being aggro on early streets" of course it has to be put into a perspective - and can sound a little misleading as is.

    Certain level of preflop and flop aggression is surely a must (even though, just limping first in preflop can be a winning strategy, in my opinion), my goal isn't exactly pile all the money in the middle early and then hope everyone folds.

    And thanks!
  • BC1989RF


    oh yes it was a relative statement.
    I meant you go through the replayer with hands where you:
    - called pf when most 3bet or fold (im pretty sure most of us do not call K7dd BB vs BU vs a 2.5x)
    - called flop, called turn, raise river kind of line with a draw instead of raising flop
    - v concrete example: T9cc on KhTdxd 7h Xh ; you call call and jam or sth similar.
    Dont really mind the stakes.
  • ItsAValueBluff


    It's a decent vid, but you just use way too much reg logic when playing vs fish. for example when the fish minbets you say "if he wanted to induce he would bet 5 to get my whole stack", a fish like that just doesn't think like that. Obviously he didnt have it that time but just generally it can still be a induce he is just not smart enough to choose right sizings thats one of the reasons why he is a fish and not a reg. Also you care about how you play your range vs a fish and reason betsizes through that which is sort of useless since he doesn't care what your range is anyway.

    But i guess NL500 Zoom doesn't have many fish so you are probably rly solid.
  • Shevtshenko



    Alright, i'll try to find some interesting hands for a hand replayer and make a video out of them.


    I tend to give even weaker players a decent amount of credit for thinking about the hand. Obviously there are some that clearly just have a tendency to just bluff like crazy, call down with anything or just fold everything but nuts. Versus those guys, adjusting is easy and not much thought process is needed nor assigned to them (still some though).

    In that river spot with KQ, when i said "he would bet larger with nuts, to get my whole stack", i base that argument on my experience regarding similar situations and what i've found is that they don't show up with strong hands with this sizing nearly as much as if they bet like 5-10$ here. Honestly, i'd be scared had he bet like 6.50€ here.

    When i only have a little bit of information on someone, i tend to think about how my range looks like rather than trying to purely guess what the other player's range is. That goes both for regs and recreational players.

    Thanks for feedback!
  • Buzibaer


    Do you think you have an edge without a hud in 2013?
    I guess one could expect coaches to be a bit more professionell and get their HeM running before they make a video.

    Can't imagine rating this vid. with 5 stars, you can't make precise assumptions nowadays without stats. what should players up to nl50 rly learn from this video?
  • Shevtshenko



    Yes, I think I have a decent edge even without a hud. I actually taught myself how to play without one in the beginning of this year. Before that I felt completely lost when playing hudless. Approaching poker from more theoretical standpoint makes it easier to play even without a lot of info on your opponents.

    I'm not sure what's the situation on Microgaming at the moment regarding huds. They have been steadily moving towards hudless tables during this year. At the time of recording this footage, I couldn't find any way to get the hud working, hence there isn't any.

    I'm going to do my best to have hud running when recording future videos.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Duntist333


    Nice video. Very interesting. I think quality of video must be better.
  • Shevtshenko



    We're still unsure why the video quality looks as it does. Should be better by the next video.
  • YvesTANGUY


    Shevtshenko: very much enjoyed your first video. Looking forward to more!
  • AndGold


    Very nice Video.
    i espezcially enjoyed your long
    explainations on the Q9ss (39min) and the last A7ss hand.
  • Shevtshenko


    Thanks a lot guys. Always nice to get (good!) feedback.