Skodljivec's School of PLO - Live Action

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Skodljivec moves to the tables for a live session as he attempts to put into practice everything we've seen so far in the school of PLO


Live Video series Skodjlivec's School of PLO

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy Skodljivec's latest video in the school of PLO

    If you have any questions/comments please leave them below
  • Skodljivec


    Hey guys. Forgot to mention in the video. The session was played with 23,5/17/7 stats, which i think are very solid stats for plo10.

    Have fun watching the vid!
  • aXSesPS


  • coldchurch


    Nice vid, Skoddy!

    Maybe next time u could tell something about or get in some deepstacked play, especially against agressive players.
    Why don't u adjust your button open betsizing to the opponent, instead of opening standard 2,5x?
  • Skodljivec



    if i get the oportunity to play deep, i definetly will. Also, my next series will probably be made of short PowerPoint intros, followed by a HH review. Playing deep is definetly a subject worthy of a video of it's own.

    2,5x is just my standard. The thing is, otb my range is the widest, therefore i don't want to put much money in preflop.

    I do however open for pot when i have a strong hand and fish in the blinds. Fish won't see the difference, and we can start building the pot. (did i not do that in the vid?) :).

    Still, at plo10, your BTN raise sizing won't affect your winrate much, so any sizing should work.


  • Evante


    at 15:07 KQJ2ss is bad to raise?, If only duck limped but delykat folded, will you still iso raise it? (I have been either completing the SB or raising vs 2 opponent)
  • Skodljivec


    Hey Evante,

    i would raise if delykat folded, as BB was a nit, and it would mean playing HU; i'm definetly ahead of his limping range. The problem with this hand for multiway pot is ofc the dangler, being oop, and only having the J high flush. I would definetly iso rase otb. I also used to play this hand the way you did, but i realized i was not getting payed off when i hit, and i would have to give up on the hand very often when oop vs many opponents, so i just prefer to fold it nowdays.


  • Evante


    sir, it is a good hand to defend your blinds vs an average reg?
  • Skodljivec


    Vs a BTN open of a player that steals a lot it is in my opinion. You are ahead of a decent part of your opponents range, so it should be profitable if you are a decent postflop player.
  • procop3000


    thanks, nice video
  • procop3000


    when are you going to make a new theoretical power point video? sorry for my English
  • Skodljivec


    Hey thanks for they kind words (everyone).

    A new theoretical video will come on the 22nd of August. Another live play video will come before them.

    The new series will focus on trouble spots people have. It will have a PowerPoint introduction, followed by a HH review. The first will probably be when to stackoff in a 3b pot with AAxx as a lot of members have asked me to do that as they struggle with their stackoff ranges in 3b pots.

    I will open a thread in the PLO forum where you guys will be able to vote what the new videos should be about, so i would really incourage you to look the thread up and give me some ideas. After all, the videos i make are ment to improve your game, so it's only logical i ask for your ideas.


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skodljivec,

    thank you so much for this video I really liked hearing your thoughtproces. I do have a question for you, it is about the hand on 43:23 on table 4 where your c bet gets a fold i believe. My question however is, I find myself relatively often in this scenario, I flop top two, I c bet and get raised pot? I wanted to ask you what you wouldhave done in this particular situation if this opponent had potraised you. I generally find myself up against Top pair with the flush draw or top/middle/bottom set and equity is not so good dagainst either of them...I know people say you holdblockers against AAA or 999, but what good is that when your opponent invariably flips any set. But let's say bottom set 555, you're still in bad shape, and some people just raise any double paired hand and then bomb when they hit either set. Any advice is much appraciated.
  • Skodljivec


    Hi FlyingDutchm1n,

    First of all, in that particular scenarion i'm having a really hard time imagining to ever get raised... But if that passive fish raises me there, i'm definetly folding. I just don't seem him doing that with anything i'm ahead off.

    If we were shallower i'd be more inclided to get the money in.

    The most important factor is your opponent. This is a specific spot somewhat, as the villian looks really passive, so when he raises that screams strenght (even more so on Axx boards, as he can't have AAxx himself most of the time).

    If the opponent was very agrro, i would 3bet him here.

    If he's a regular, it would depend on our dynamic and reads.

    In short, this is the advice i'd give you; treat top 2 in single raised pots more as bluff cathcers than a strong made hand, especially on such drawy boards. So if you think villain is playing his draws agressively, your hand isn't that bad. If you can, wait for a safe turn, then get the money in (impossible in this scenario, as there are almost no blank turns), but when a passive guy raises you there, and there's a lot of money behind, you can fold, knowing you are flipping at best, and can be crushed a lot.


  • Evante


    Sir on 8:45 on table 4 you raised with AKQ4ss

    Would you put the following hands the same strength with that hand : AJK4ss, AQT4ss, AKT4ss and etc (suited to the ace).

    Or is because of the AKQ thats why it is good because of 3 highest card in the deck?

    After that you talk about wrap vs set is common.
    So it is ok to go broke with a wrap vs a set but not a flush vs a set?

  • Evante


    Add on to last comment, or is AKQ is linked together thats why it is stronger than the example i listed?
  • Skodljivec


    Hey Evante,

    I had a really interesting debate about those hands with some friends recently. AKQ4 is the strongest of those in my opinion, as the 3 cards are the highest, meaning they can make the best top 2 type hands. However, some prefer AJT4, because JTxx' straight potential. You can make many more straight with JTxx than KQxx. So in these examples, it's tough to say which hand is better. It depends on what's our opponents hand :).

    I'm not really sure what you are asking with the "wrap vs set" question. Could you point it out in the video where i was talking about that? Also, do you mean a flush vs set or flushdraw vs set?


  • frojo


    Hi Skodljivec,
    could you pls explain which stats you consider to be REG, LAG, TAG...?
    Just the most important ones.
    thank you
  • Skodljivec


    Well LAGs and TAGs are both regs usually.

    For me personally, i think a nit is someone that plays less than 20 vpip. A TAG is someone that plays up untill 25/19/6, and people between 25 and 32 vpip are lags imo. 32 vpip is i think the biggest vpip i've seen from a decent player. Above that guys are usually just agressive fish.

    Hope that helps
  • Delykat


    <-- Weak reg yay! :)
  • Steinpilz0104


    Thank you for your excellent and deep explanations of your play, it helps me to improve my play!
  • PokerMindSet


    Your HUD pot limit omaha cash pls Skodljivec
  • darhem


    30:10 3344 utg open do you call 3bet, if you get raised in late position?
    And do you get money in like flop 478 in multiway pot? I'm personally avoiding this kind of hands, because they got me so much in trouble.
  • sirilidion


    you said that you could raise with double paired hands from any position. Isn't raising with low pocket pairs a bit weak since you probably only going to make bottom sets with those which are still pretty vulnerable.