Speeding With Shevtshenko

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Shevtshenko takes to the Speed Tables on iPoker to help you develop your game and even giving you an incentive to do so


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy the latest video from our NL coach Shevtshenko

    If you have any questions/comments, and I'm sure you will, please leave them below
  • Goehri1991


    Nice vid, thx! Could you give us a HUD discription?
  • Duntist333


    Video is not playing.
  • DjolusVicenus


    First hand Villan AKof ( a lot of equity to go instant all in vs 2 ), second hand Villan have JJ-KK If I must chose I would say KK bc of no bigger 3bet of flop... QQ, would do like 2,2-2,1
  • GingerKid


    Question regarding T9s, 3bet from bu vs bb where you shove on turn.

    I know that we dont need so much FE since we have a strong draw, but do we expect him to fold any Jx, QQ+? I think he could call any Jx since tho board is draw heavy (OESD, 2 fd), plus your small sample stat show that you are loose player.
    So QQ+ is calling (18combos), AJ (12), Kj(12),QJ(12), JTs (2), A8s (2), JJ (3), AKs (2), AQs (2), total 65 combos call. how many bluffs he has on turn? I dont think average regg in NL100 bets turn OOP on draw heavy board in 3bet pot, so I dont see so many bluffs that could fold.

    Thats why I think that it is better to call turn (sometimes 9 and T are also outs). IF we decide to call turn, and he checks river and we are unimproved, do we bet or give up? He could definetely c/c value hands if the blank comes.
  • DonkeyDirk


    Could you make a blaze poker video aswell (microgaming network) at the microstakes 20nl? You cant use a hud at blaze poker so it would be handy to know how to play without a HUD :)
  • champ44


    i dont understand which hands coach want us to answer. any two or first two..
  • Shevtshenko



    Sorry if i was unclear.

    The two hands that are played through in the HEM2 re-player during the intro to the video.
  • Shevtshenko



    The most important ones are the third row, which is raise first-in by each position and fourth row is fold to 3b by position.

    I think I mentioned if I used other stats.
  • thazar


    in the last 3 minutes you fold 86o from BU and QTo from MP. Do you normally fold those?
  • Shevtshenko



    This might have been one of the most interesting hands in the video - I might have gone through it a little too fast, since it was the first hand. Very good question, since it is somewhat close situation, although I do feel that the line I chose was best.

    Sure, we'll get called by Jx+ a high % of the time here. I don't think he needs to have any "pure bluffs" like Ad9d, to make this shove better than calling. The main hand range that I get to fold are better draws than my T-high. Hands like QT/Q9/97/76/T9/small fds/5x are potentially in his range for betting the turn. Ofc, i'm not saying all those are in his range or that it's good to have those hands in his 3b range but it's possible - and some of those are very likely to be in his 3b-bet-bet -range. He's likely not calling a jam with any other draws than nfd and it's not out of question for villain to even fold that. I think I rep 8x here pretty well and hence it's not unreasonable for villain to fold some Jx as well.

    I think the ev of getting him off of some of his draws that are bluffing on the river when both miss is higher than calling with the plan of hoping to hit and suicide bluff on cards that don't bring draws in. Especially so, when we have such a huge draw that is doing well even vs most of his value range.

    Pretty sure I still didn't cover quite everything regarding this spot but I'll expand on this later if I notice I clearly missed something.

    Thanks for a great question!
  • DrDunne


    hey shev, cool vid! at 22:50 when you decide to induce a float, what is your plan for various different rivers? he checked back but you didn't explain what you will do when he bets river as well. do you expect him to float and bet-bet or do you think he'll bet once and give up the river? it is a scarecard that he could represent with another barrel...

    also 43:40 A6o, villain looks like some unknown. you say you're committing to fire 3 barrels but if he calls the turn is his range not really Kx heavy? can't really see Kx folding when you fire the river. could you explain that a little please?
  • Shevtshenko



    With the nines, it mostly depends on the sizing. I don't think this Q hits his range extremely hard, since only hand that would make a lot of sense would be AQ that decided to not 3b preflop. Hence, i don't expect him to bluff this river very often.

    If he bets pot or more, i am very suspicious but fold, because i'm getting too bad pot odds to make 99 a call.

    If he bets 1/3 pot or less, i think i'm forced to call with 99.

    Anything in between, it's pretty close. This isn't exactly close to the top of my range, so I don't mind folding but also he's not repping much, so I don't mind calling. If i had to make a population read on nl100 regs regarding this spot, I think they don't bluff enough (or valuebet super-thinly) to make 99 a call here.

    Regarding the A6o, on flop I think this can be in our c/c, c/r or cbet range. I think cbetting or c/cing are better than c/ring though.

    On this turn, with the nut flush -blocker, I think this hand goes into my 3-barreling range on most rivers.

    "is his range not really Kx heavy?", no. Pretty much all 9x call turn again, potentially even worse pairs. Also some hands like QcJs/AxJc etc. can call the turn.

    So even if he doesn't fold Kx, the river bet can be profitable pending on other variables (turn calling range, river bluff catching range, what river card...). Also if I get just called on the turn, my sizing doesn't have to be 2/3 pot on the river! ;)
  • Tarik87


    nice video
  • champ44


    @ shevtshenko
    i m sorry i saw it again and u were clear enough..my mistake..
    in first i guess its hard to put him on a hand because of his lose stats but still i will hope and put him on 99s or lower pockets..
    2nd hand it looks like he flopped a set or 88s. most likely is 88s
    forgot to mention in my last post very nice video...
  • VorpalF2F


    At 19:45 (pocket nines in CO) you mention that you can't configure the buttons.

    You can now.
    In "Settings" on any table, choose "Table" on the left-hand-side, then at the bottom is a "configure betting buttons", where you can set up both pre-flop and post-flop bet levels.
  • f4bianG


    Min 10.00:


    For me its a great tripple barrel spot. Yes youre right, his barreling range is like broadways, some pockets. Some Random hands like T9, A5s - sometimes.

    In general you can discount: AA/KK/QQ/AK

    Thats why i will 3 barrel this board. It should be extremly difficult to see the showdown. exspecially at the river i guess you have a lot of FE. He will call often 2 streets and give up the river.

    I also like against some people to overbet the turn, because the only hands he can bring to sd would be AJ and of course KT. I like it if Villain has a wtsd below 25.

    nice video
  • Brdjan


    In first hand I think he has AA because he is not affraid of 3bet, and makes min 4bet. In second hand he probably has some draw because he calls and doesn't go all in so I would go with 55
  • Shevtshenko



    Thanks, I'll take a look at that.


    I like your analysis. Tripling here is certainly an option. I think for my ranges, QhJh on this board is a little too good of a hand to triple but is definitely +ev.


    Any further thoughts/ideas regarding the video?
  • arsenalua


    Thanks for the video, like your reasoning. The T9s and in the begining confused me a bit. Don't think it's very good shove, because I don't see him bluffing without equity here(just FD's like 74s, 75s, which he won't fold because of great pot odds). So I think our shove won't get FE(just from his occasional bluffs), that not so good. But against range he calls with we are getting around 30% of equity and that's -EV shove. But call is around 0 even if we won't get paid most of the times and won't try to bluff river.
    His second barrel range in my eyes:
  • Shevtshenko



    Check out post #13 - I went into a bit more detail regarding that hand and why I think shoving is better than calling.

    I'm by no means saying that calling is bad - just that I think raising is better not just for our hand but also for our range.
  • Antonioull


    Why cant i advance in the vid ??
  • Antonioull


    Please dont tell me the format changed this is awfull!!!!!
  • Antonioull


    To Shev , your analysis is fine )))

    Im talking about the format
  • MisterSnS


    Hi Shevtshenko! First of all you are already doing a great job. Keep it on!

    To the A5o Hand at 28:00 :

    I couldn't follow your explanation.
    Can you explain a bit more in detail why are you planning to triple barrell to almost any runout/what parts of his range do you expect him to fold as he has a T in a decent amount of the time? Do you bluff also lowcard runouts turn and river?
  • VCRulez


    #22 You have to wait to buffer to fast-forward the video.
  • Shevtshenko


    Thanks guys!



    Don't expect the bb to show up with very many strong hands if he doesn't raise at any point on this texture - especially when I block the nut flush.

    I'm looking to choose a bet size on the river where I'm giving him a very bad price to bluff catch with any hand that isn't a straight or better.

    Also, on this texture, it's pretty standard for the villain to show up with a lot of pair + straight draw combos that call turn often but have very tough time to call on rivers where those miss.
  • peche025


    Cool vid, I like you detailed thought process and I like how you point out all your mistakes and aren't shy about it!
  • Shevtshenko



    Thanks! There's always room for improvement...