Hand Reading Exercise with Shevtshenko

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  • $50 - $100
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Shevtshenko brings us a hand reading exercise. A great skill to have at any level


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please Enjoy the latest video from Shevtshenko

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • wealthybrainer


    he is talking so slowly and so much not needed bull**it..... I have rated this video for one star
  • thazar


    Thanks Shev, great video again. I just think Pokerstrategy should make this available to silver rather than gold as it is such a basic and important concept.
  • barbeysize


    haha lol we have now 84%, clear bet, all draws missed - yeah, easy bet.
  • Nevrex


    This final count in 1st hand, that we have 84%, shouldn't have hands that we will not get called of? For me it looks like we have better hand in 84/100 cases but i'm not convinced that bet is better than x/c. Most of his hands are missed draw or weak pairs (even X9 is not a nuts in this spot.
  • DjolusVicenus


    I liked it. Generally If you have to chose I think at least from my experiences its more beneficial to play a session and talk about thinking process than to spent time on reviewing hands like this.

    I just watched it, and i feel like I got that and much more from sessions coaches played and talked and are available for watching.

    So I don't want to say that this is bad, I just wanna say it is good, but you get a lot more and this from doing sessions.
  • tommy9985


    pretty basic stuff
  • Ierons


    1010 vs 55

    heureusement qu'il avait pas JJ QQ KK hein ...

    99 VS a10

    il touche son brelan ... et toi ton full a la turn ... mais quel cocu ...

    c'que j'ai appris en regardant cette vidéo ... c'est que ton compte est sans doute béni par pokerstar ...
  • Shevtshenko


    Hey guys. This was certainly meant as a more simple video and the emphasis wasn't really in the selected hands but rather the actual method of reviewing hands in such way that it'll improve your hand reading while at the tables.

    This video isn't really going to give you much, unless you're willing to try this on your own.

    I'll take a closer look at the individual comments once I get online with a PC. My mobile seems unable to play the video...
  • Shevtshenko


    @ Nevrex

    The final 84% (@11:00) is vs the final range that is his bluff catching range of only made hands (no draws & no A-highs).

    I still think betting is clearly higher ev than checking, since most of his draws are A-high draws which don't necessarily have to bluff to win.

    But as mentioned previously, this video wasn't so much about the actual hands here but rather the method of going through hands and learning to visualize ranges.
  • Shevtshenko



    In general, I agree. Video- and hand history reviews are probably better in educational value for the viewer. This was just me trying to show you guys how to learn to visualize the range of your opponent better. Imo, this is a very essential skill and something that most small stakes players lack.
  • Shevtshenko



    It's been a while since the last time I used my terrible French skills, so zero chance I can answer in French and you would understand :) But I think I got the message and will try to reply in English.


    Don't think he's flatting QQ+ very often here at all versus me. I don't fold that much to 3bets that he should be trapping here a high percentage of the time. And even if he is just flatting pre with QQ+, let's say half the time, I'd guess TT is still a value bet on all streets.


    The hand clearly plays very standard on all streets. I clearly have to call on the flop and he can't really fold when I jam the river.

    As said on the video: the point of this wasn't exactly the hands that I went over but rather to teach you the way to think about and visualize ranges.

    What comes to my account being blessed by Pokerstars :), tough to make that conclusion based on this video since neither of these hands were played on stars.
  • Ierons


    "As said on the video: the point of this wasn't exactly the hands that I went over but rather to teach you the way to think about and visualize ranges. "

    ok thanks ...
  • Ierons


    "As said on the video: the point of this wasn't exactly the hands that I went over but rather to teach you the way to think about and visualize ranges. "

    ok thanks ...
  • nbchiller


    Very nice, u only missed to cancel 8h7h on the river.
  • muel294


    Great video. Personally I already do this some extent when reviewing HH's but applying it in game is much more difficult. I think the presentation of this information is much more clear, concise and easy to take in that the way I learnt it originally, which was by reading articles on session reviews and how to properly use equilab.
  • Shevtshenko



    Thanks! Well noticed, doesn't make much of a difference though.


    Thanks! Then this video served it's purpose. A word of encouragement: it is and has been tough for everyone to do this at first. It will get easier over time!
  • seacat22


    just seen video very good you seem to do this effortlessly any rules of thumb that might be useful for a beginner or any links to useful articles
  • sipox


    You really speak way too slow, it makes the video quite dense and boring.