$25 6-max Hyper MTT Analysis

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22 - $26
  • Shorthanded
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Our tournament boss Collin Moshman takes you through a 6-max Hyper MTT concentrating on the high ante structure and decisions which come in this unique tournament type


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Comments (8)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest tournament video from Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions/comments for Collin please leave them below
  • MarinaOrel


    Nice video frm Collin, as always. Ty!
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 MarinaOrel: Thanks!
  • hazelasty


    5:30 What you think about open folding? We cant rly call it off with our hand agaist any player and we dont have blockers
  • hazelasty


    Btw as always high level of video
  • CollinMoshman


    #4/#5 Hazelasty: We might call off the button or big blind depending on their stats, but your points are good ones and I'd be happy with an openfold here. In general I think a lot of players get in the habit of auto-opening all pairs, and don't always give enough thought to whether it's profitable in the situation. So I think your question is a very good one.

    Thanks for posting and glad you enjoyed the video.
  • DrPepper


    Interesting video (of course). I'm no MTT player but I have a few thoughts / questions:

    5:30 I don't dislike Hero's play here too much. I think he just tried to make his hand look stronger and maybe get a fold on some boards by Villian every once in a while (for example if Villain has 55 and the board is AQK he might fold postflop occasionally). I think most of the time it doesn't really matter if you ship pre or postflop here though.

    And now as I wrote that there are some weird thoughts in my mind. Would it be too crazy if we call pre and then fold on a board that is all broadway cards? I know that this sounds a little nuts but our hand is 33 here (not 88) so we basicly beat nothing anymore on such a board. Or do we really still beat some hands of Villain's reshipping range on a board such as AKQ? Our Equity against Villain's range should be really horrible here, as I don't think Villain's range will include enough hands that haven't connected with an all broadway board.

    I'd be really interested in your opinion on such a weird looking line with an occasional fold postflop instead of just shipping pre with the 33.

    11:50 Your calculation here doesn't include that two players are still behind us that could overcall. Is that really completely neglectable in these kind of calculations?

    18:05 That fold of the K8o there from the CO for 4.3 BB strongly indicates that Hero should DEFINITELY think about fixing some leaks in his understanding of ranges, especially in these kind of tournaments. If you are capable of making a fold like this I have a hard time believing that you can be a winning player in this format.

    One last little thing. I would like to actually see Hero's All-Ins in the future in a tournament review (also if it's a hyper) because I like to know which opponent called him with which hand. That can give you an idea of how some opponents play in these tournaments. It will only take a few more seconds two actually show the All-in instead of immediately going to the next hand.

    Keep on making these cool videos, thanks a lot!
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 DrPepper: The big problem with 5:30 is the check post, a stop and go would be a lot more reasonable. Whether or not we can check/fold some really bad flop when we take this line just depends on the SPR, here there's enough back that on TJQ type flops you're right that just c/f'ing would probably be better as played than following through on the stop 'n go.

    Yes at 11:50 we should tighten slightly because of the remaining players to act, nice point.

    I'll try to take some more time to show all-ins in future videos I make. Thanks very much for the Qs/feedback, and glad you enjoyed the vid!