The Red Line: Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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oblioo continues his series looking at hands and ways to improve your red line in NLHE


HH Review red line series Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enojoy the latest video in the Red Line Series from Oblioo

    If you have any questions/comments for Dustub please leave them below
  • Loruk


    could you please fully explain your hud?
  • Farmarchist


    Why would you shove TJ on Q97r 7x 4x? You block his bluffs and 9x hands or even bad Qx hands are a lot better for bluffing.
  • Farmarchist


    Obv when u think he's out of line it's still fine =) But just sayin TJ is about the worst bluffinghand
  • oblioo


    #2, okay:

    vpip, pfr, rfi ep, rfi co, rfi btn, rfi sb
    3b, fold to 4b, fold to turn probe, fold to turn float, fold bb vs sb steal, fold bb vs btn steal
    cbet flop, cbet turn, fold to flop raise, fold to turn raise, c/r flop, c/r turn
    fold to 3b, 4b range, fold to flop cbet, fold to turn cbet, float flop, fold to flop float
    flat 3b oop, fold to cbet in 3b pot, river bet, fold to river bet, float turn, hands
  • oblioo


    #3 and 4, did you watch the flopzilla analysis? We know this villain gets here with such a high air:nuts ratio it'd be terrible to NOT shove JT on the river. And the 9x or Qx hands you mentioned would be better to bluff-catch with, not raise.
  • horVeech


    these are some way too valuable lines imo... i ve been playing like that for half of the year just printing money obv cuzz not many regs think like that, but now they have it here so perfectly explained by you... :D wp, but seriously sick video, the games will be a bit tougher now with regs making these plays but i knew its gonna happen sooner or later...thats poker i guess
  • Mantelo


    About the same hand JT on Q97 7 4. Since his River bet is only air or very strong hand, isn't a minraise better instead of jaming? He's not folding fullhouses or quads, but is folding K high anyway. This analyze looks similar to 54s hand on min 5:00 where You are aiming to fold missed draws.
  • oblioo


    #8, Maybe minraising would be a little better, but the problem is that we wouldn't be getting the last bet in and villain may re-bluff shove getting a very good price and then we'll have to fold. In the 54s hand, villain cannot re-bluff without either risking a ton of money (relative to the pot) or not getting the last bet in.
  • MajorBob1909


    How do you play against a Flop 3bet of Villian with AQ on QJ2r (min 30:00) and KJ on T7Kr (min 34:00)?
  • oblioo


    #10: call
  • NeiWu1984


    Hi oblioo, thanks for reply. Have another silly question. Can only find the Raise First in for all position average in PT4, but not find the Raise first in EP,MP,CO...
    Could you please kindly tell me how to find the sorted stat and add them into HUD?
    Thanks again.
  • oblioo


    #12: in "item properties" you can choose the position. If you have further questions about this kind of thing, the PT4 forums would be a better place to ask.