Bootcamp: Uri Peleg Live at 200NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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In our second Bootcamp video Uri Peleg takes to the 200NL Live tables on PokerStars


Bootcamp Live Video PokerStars

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  • jachis


    Great video, really like your exploitive lines and they way you explain everything.
  • jules97


    So, i notice you keep clicking on your cards. Isn't this showing them at the table? Has poker been getting tough lately?
  • instaflip


    good video with nice thoughts. even tho 3tabling is sooo slooooooow..... :/
  • x3mwisp


    good video/ bad sound quality
  • Binda


    min 12: could you argue that KQ is maybe a good hand to ship or call over a 4-bet because you are blocking his valuehands AK, KK and QQ, but you're not blocking his potential 4-bet bluff hands Ax. so his bluff-frequency would be higher than usual in this spot given your blockers. havent really thought this through, just came to my mind during watching the video^^
  • mysteryman21


    Man you're awesome. Like your style)
  • Sneijder1091


    very well explained! few hands though!
    would love to see a zoom vid from you! :D
  • sirrybob


    #2: No, lol, It doesn't show :-) When the hand is over, a "show card button appears" and then it shows the cards that are clicked, but you can't show cards during a hand.

    I could try to do more tables but then explanations would be less in depth, up to you guys.

    #5 Yes KQ does block value hands, I don't know what hands he bluffs with (maybe KQ??) but generally I think blockerwise it's a good hand to 5bet bluff. That being said, it's equity when called is atrocious (seriously you can't imagine how bad...), so I think overall that line would not be good, but if you want to do the math I'd be happy to check it for you.

    #1,3,4,6,7: Thanks guys, makes me happy :-)
  • wlcKeD


    Very VERY nice video and reasoning and clear explaining of it above all ! Keep it up ! :) And for me, 3 tabling is just perfect, no need for more :)
  • BC1989RF


    I am starting to value your content closer and closer to lnternet's - can't make a better compliment :)
    The bootcamp coaching was also reallly good.

    Keep up the good work
  • Cyfron


    good video but sooo many "ähs ohs aaahhs"
    makes it really hard to watch :(
  • kirbupask


    i lol'd @ 11# .but true.
  • sirrybob


    Ahhhhh ok... ;) I'll keep an eye on it and try to, emm, ahh less.
  • ljutigusar


    Another masterpiece by israeli wizard!
  • Tosh18


    @11: #####
    couldnt watch it more than a minute.
  • LemOn36


    Made notes on this video if anyone interested with my comments.

    Also Uri I sent you a pm the other day but it aint in my sent box oops ill try again if I find the time.
    Keep the videos coming.

    Request: Math you work on, e.g. you talked about simulations on the 78s calling vs small 4bets how would one do that? :O
  • EtniX


    nice work achi ;)
  • x12x13


    On Time 1:50 u show your A2s Hand to the vilain preflop. ;-)