Professional Poker Attitude: How To Maximize Your Winrate Part 2

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Schnitzelfisch continues his look at maximising winrate with a look at the Pareto Principal and working efficiently


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  • tonypmm


    It's well-known since Leatherass' times.

    In part 3, SF will teach us bumhunting.
  • Atalol


    #1 still people not do this :)

    Nice vid :)
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #1 I appreciate your comment, but knowing and actually doing something are two very different things, and I focus all of my videos on being actionable with specific steps that you take that will help you get the results you want.
  • Sergrov352


    #1 "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" - Morpheus


    i like profesionals poker video...