BareWire Live at 500NL Heads Up Zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Heads-up
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Description's Barewire takes on the 500NL Heads Up Zoom games on PokerStars


Heads up Live Video PokerStars

Comments (6)

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  • benni0307


    very good video - i liked it
  • RandomGenerator


    Hi, could you please explain why did you call the river with 72s in the second hand in first table?

    First you say that your range is Ace-heavy, and you don't expect him to bluff often. Why do you call if you don't expect a lot of bluffs from him?

    Also, indeed you have a lot of aces and a lot of 4x in your range. Do you think you actually need to call weak 2x to prevent him from being able to profitably bluff any 2?
  • misspookie


    I guess hes to cool to answer questions. No point asking any if he hasn't replied since march.
  • misspookie


    That is confusing for you to say your going to show us how to play against 2 different styles and then not explain how they are different and your game plan against both styles. You just start making plays without us knowing your strategy or how these opponents play at the beginning of the video. I would ask why he didn't explain their styles before he started making plays against these villains but he hasn't answered one question since march...
  • regie


    he can have A3. one big size turn bet and check river. same as betting small 2 streets.
  • HuhtalaJ


    #2 He explained that most players don't want to bluff there at all (some will), but then again most people don't bet the river for value with anything less than an ace. He continues that some players are really bluff heavy (the ones who dare to bluff but don't valuebet much) and others have only aces. I guess he thought this opponent was the bluffer type :P