Tough Spots with Pokerguru740

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Robert "Pokerguru740" Kuhn brings us a slightly different style of video where he goes over some unique and difficult spots which show off some of the more intersting area of his game Look out for cash game hands as well.


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  • belgianbeer


    At 10:00 I dont think his range is that LAG if you say vilain is not an agro player. So when you peel on the flop and he overbet-shoves turn I would always give him an unpolarized range w/ sth like A7+. So I would find a fold.
    But about the odd, you have to add 50k to win 94k so you actually need 34% and not >50%.
  • ireadurrrsoul


    great video !
  • pokerguru740


    Yeah I attempted math and failed miserably, knew I shouldn't of tried :)

    -Thank you Ireadurrrsoul!
  • BlackSnazZ


    what happened with the first hand at the end?
  • TakingOver360


    I see like not one Hand you can rep in the 99 Hand, 22-77 and any 7x is an easy fold pre with the 15bb utg limper in the Hand.


    nice video, enjoyed it :)
    AT shove 23:00 looks cool, BB will often have hand like JJ there, so I think it makes sense to turn tptk into bluff there. It's really hard to call off a reg with JJ there.