Facing Flop Raises

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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James "Splitsuit" Sweeney returns to PokerStrategy.com with a look at several spots where he faced a raise on the flop and how he reacted in these difficult situations


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  • toateslafel


  • toateslafel


    Very nice video, cheers!
  • gadget51


    As always, you break it down to simplicity. :)
  • mesisification


    I would really like to see more videos from you. Your videos are really good. :)
  • SplitSuit


    Thank you very much for the early kind words! There are more videos coming...so stay tuned :)
  • Movementshark


    WoW im from Germany and i love your way how to make Video's i wish German Video's where good as your's ! 5 Stars !
  • SplitSuit


    Thanks so much @movementshark =)
  • leao93


    Amazing video, thank you man!
  • DntProvokeMe


    Hey, thanks for this vid. One question here. The AKo hand. If we call that raise against LAG, what do we represent but an Ace? Do you think, that people are willing to bluff TP out of the pot? Also, do you think, AQ gonna make 3 barrels for value? Its difficult spot for me. 3b shove is obviously for value, ch/c twice is a trap obv. Would you ch/call down second pair?
  • SplitSuit


    We do rep Ax by calling there, but we can also have other SDV type pairs like TT-KK if we think he's not raising an Ax hand there. So he likely puts us on a single pair and may try to blow us off.

    I don't think a good LAG is going to raise AQ there a ton without history...so I discount AQ when he raises. My plan was to c/c down, yes...but I make that decision BEFORE calling the flop raise =)
  • SplitSuit


    Thanks @leao93!
  • onetwo78


    Hey, very good video, thanks a lot.

    One question:
    4:55 Maybe I am wrong, but I think you should give 7 in the "Facing bet" cell, because you bet 3 and he raised 10. Although it is only 2% different.
  • SplitSuit


    @onetwo78: You are very welcome! I did some experimenting and I still think we use $10 (rather than $7) in that cell. I'll try to find a good way of explaining it later, but in some quick tests it is giving me a more correct answer than $7
  • bluedream23


    Nice video, thanks a lot!
  • SplitSuit


    @blue: you are very welcome!
  • sipox


    Man, I love your videos. It's crazy how easy you make it look, and the level of detail in your explanations. Keep up the good job!

  • SplitSuit


    @sipox: Thank you! Poker is as easy as you make it sometimes =)
  • Zogon


    I like your style of comments, thx a lot!