Squeezing with Splitsuit

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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James "Splitsuit" Sweeney returns with a theory video looking at Squeezing. Squeezing is a potentially very powerful play allowing us to increase our preflop winrate significantly and James provides some examples of good squeezing situations


HH Review preflop squeezing Theory Video

Comments (20)

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  • LemOn36


    Oh it's a poker vid? Expected boobs
  • toateslafel


    Very good video as always!
    More please :D
  • toateslafel


    I forgot, i think one video about 4bet pots will be great :)
  • SplitSuit


    @Lem0n: I made this video and was still hoping they edited some boobs into the final version!
  • SplitSuit


    @toates: Thank you =) Good idea about 4bet pots...I can certainly aim to make a video on that topic in the future
  • kacsa1st


    good job!
  • SplitSuit


    @kacs: thank you!
  • RasTweet


    The A4s hand, if he calls you are committed yes but how to play on a brick turn? x/c and hope he checks behind and see a free river or just shove yourself? They way I see it he's never going to fold vs a bet. It's just a bit odd if he calls in my mind :D
  • RasTweet


    Oh and really really great video! Thanks a lot!
  • LemOn36


    #4 maybe next time
    Anyway I really love your presentation style, keep it up
  • SplitSuit


    @Ras: Thanks for the compliment!

    It is awkward if he just calls the $29...but given the math we'll never c/f the turn. I'd jam the turn and hope he has a brain spasm and folds =)
  • SplitSuit


    @Lemon: Thank you!
  • belgianbeer


    very interesting vidéo :)
  • sipox


    Very nice video, very well explained NH!
  • SplitSuit


    @belgian: cheers right back at you!

    @sipox: thank you =)
  • gAsheks


    Good, good :)
  • SplitSuit


    @gAsheks: thank you, thank you :)
  • MrIndependent


    I liked that one. I've always been wondering, which kinda hands I can use for squeezing. I also learned earlier, that squeezing is something, players do not frequently enough on the lower limits, so you should get an extra FE out of this.

    I'll try to implement this as soon as possible. Thx ;)
  • SplitSuit


    @MrIndependent: Check out my free youtube video on bluff squeezing PF for some tips =) http://youtu.be/LU21vpLwApo
  • ConteCaly


    TY 4 UR TP! NUT!