I Hate Ace-King

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James "Splitsuit" Sweeney takes a look specifically at the hand Ace-King and how we can pay this pre-flop powerhouse in places both where it goes rigth for us post-flop but also where it goes wrong and how to react.


HH Review Theory Video

Comments (36)

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  • Mefistoteles1986


    One of the best poker training video I've ever seen. ;-) Greetings from Poland.
  • kicii91


    foarte interesant!!!!
  • josepunk


    very nice video, i'd like to wach a video about squeeze pots or how we can build a squeeze range in your opinion.

  • ggiants81


    Really great video Splitsuit, but i World realt like how you play ak in 3 bet pots When We miss the flop. You think tjat could be à topic?
  • SplitSuit


    @Mefistoteles: Thank you =)

    @kicii: I do my best to keep them interesting =)

    @josepunk: check out this video: http://pl.pokerstrategy.com/video/32713/

    @ggiants: Thanks! That could certainly be a topic and I'll consider that for a future video!
  • josepunk


    thank you so much! Mefistoteteles1986, SplitSuit. im gonna watch it :)
  • sandraardnas


    What do you think about x/c twice here?
  • DerEismann


    That's really interessting!
    The video was good, but already known concepts.
  • SplitSuit


    @jose: enjoy!

    @sandraa: are you going to check/call all brick turns?

    @DerE: any concepts (other than AK in 3bet pots) that you'd like me to delve into for future videos?
  • DerEismann


    As #5 said some spots in 3bet pots without a hit would be interessting.
    I guess there are more players like me who are struggling there and feel lost a lot of the time.
  • SplitSuit


    @DerE: fair and noted =)
  • mister23



    nice vid-as always...

    how do you make the raindrop with your mouse?
  • sandraardnas


    Well I guess x/r seems better since we dont have info about his agression and we split against his bet/calling range anyway. So nevermind.
  • SplitSuit


    @mister: thank you! It's a cursor effect built into Camtasia 7...it's added in post

    @sandraa: against some opponents you could certainly c/call down with Ace high...but it takes some serious info
  • circoflax


    Continue this with playing OOP vs good reg, we 3b SB vs MP or CO, he calls:

    1. flop Q74r, maybe he have a BDFD
    1.a we bet and get called
    1.b we check and he bets

    2. we have AKs, flop 2 overs+FD, we check planning to XR, he checks back. Turn is a blank. What is the plan here?
  • hutchyw118


    Can only watch 4 mins unless you sign up, so I sign up so I can watch the whole video...now it's saying I have to pay to watch the whole video! Nice trick Pokerstrategy...Time to close my account
  • mesisification


    Nice video once again!

    When we flop a flushdraw with our AKs, is it really necessary to go for a check/RAISE? What about check/CALL? By check/raising villain is probably not gonna fold many better hands or continue with many worse hands. By check/calling we don't have to risk nearly as much money to win the pot and we're allready ahead vs. KQ/KJ/AQ/AJ etc. with our AK-high. Yes, by check/calling we might have to make tough decisions later but is it good enough reason to prefer check/raising?
  • muel294


    love the video. Clear and interesting production and explanation. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.
  • 0Arpi0


    Definetly continue please! Very awesome vid. Top quality!
  • SplitSuit



    1a. We need to have some double barrel freq here for sure
    1b. We expect him to bet often when we check, so we should have that plan before we even push the check button
    2. I fire as a default

    @hutchy: sorry, that's a PokerStrategy functionality that I have zero control over

    @mesis: Thanks! Say you ch/call the flop with overs + FD...what's your turn line when you miss ~70% of the time?

    @muel: Thank you very much!
  • SplitSuit


    @0Arpi0: Thank you as well!
  • Goedemiddag


    6:25, is he going to raise sets and 2 pairs. There are no 2 pair combos in his range..
  • fraleb


    "Can only watch 4 mins unless you sign up, so I sign up so I can watch the whole video...now it's saying I have to pay to watch the whole video! Nice trick Pokerstrategy...Time to close my account"
    you don't have to pay, only play.

    nice video again, easy explanation, go on please
  • SplitSuit


    @Goed: agreed...I'm just trying to give a comprehensive framework that applies globally (even thought in this EXACT spot there really aren't any two pairs)

    @fraleb: thanks =)
  • Affenpo10


    I would have loved to see how to play when AK doesn't hit. Those are the spots that are more difficult in my opinion.
  • elpsycho


    I have a question regarding the last hand. Hero is calling preflop so that the nit wouldn't fold to a 3bet and we could win some money postflop. But even when we hit TPTK after two barrels we consider that folding is the best play. It is obviuos that a good board for hero will also hit the nit's range. So why is it better to call preflop? Wouldn't it be more optimal to 3bet preflop?
  • elpsycho


    @ 26:00 what about check/minraising this flop? Wouldn't it look stronger? With the intension to fold out some mediocre pocket pairs that have good equity against us. And then we can push any turn.
  • 4fabregas


    in the 2nd example u talk about 3betting AK vs ep. why don't you consider fold equity? roughly, if opponent continues with 4 betting/stacking QQ+, AK we still have good odds to stack and our ev would be good, keeping in my fold equity. on the other hand, turning such good hand as AK to bluff seems a mistake. (these concepts come from silver pokerstrategy articles)
  • SplitSuit


    @elp: if you are going to 3bet with AK for that rationale, do your cards matter?

    @elp: there really isn't much room for that given the stack depth. if they call the c/minR they are getting a sick price on ANY turn shove

    @4fab: have you run the math on 3bet/stack with AK against ranges of KK+, QQ+/AK, and JJ+/AQs+? Run that first =)
  • 4fabregas


    #30 ok. my (simplified) example based on the 2nd hand from your video:
    ep opens 10,4%: 66+,AJs+,KJs+,QJs,JTs,T9s,98s,AJo+,KQo,
    QQ+,AK 4bet/stacks, else folds. so we have FE = 1 - 34combs/138combs = 75%; lets calc too options with our AKo:
    ev(3bet/fold) = 0,75 * 14,5bb - 10bb = 0,875bb;
    ev(3bet/stack) = 0,75 * 14,5bb + 0,25*(0,39*200bb - 90bb) = 7,875bb;
    difference 7bb + we gain more aggressive dynamic; if i calculated smth wrong feel free to correct;
  • SplitSuit


    @4fab: Your equation looks a little off. My video on Advanced EV will likely help: http://youtu.be/ym1774AC5Ww
  • 4fabregas


    #32 watched your video, i did the same calcs. the only difference is that i use more simple formula (%Win*$OverallPot - $MoneySpent) instead of (%Win*$WinningShare - %Lose*$LosingShare). so in my example if we facing push we call 90bb (10bb are dead money) to win 200bb pot with 39% probability.
  • SplitSuit


    But that simple formula isn't correct and doesn't take a complete look at the entire EV
  • 4fabregas


    what do u mean by entire ev? just write your formula for ev(3bet/fold) and ev(3bet/stack) from my example ang i bet u'll see the same result, at least close one, prooving that stacking options is more profitable
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Good video, just too one-sided in the sense that the "hating AK" part also has a lot to do with missing the flop which happens 2/3 of the time (as mentioned in your own video at 1:38 you show us in flopzilla it flops Ahi 67% of the time but then you never show us any example of just flopping Ahi just once with the 2overc and nfd which is not really bare Ahi) and I was hoping that it would be a complete video in the sense that you would discuss both scenarios of missing and hitting the flop, but you only discussed hitting the flop which is the minority of the time so that is a big flaw of this video imo and definitely requires a pt2 of hating AK. Other than that very valuable video ty.