HU Championship Final - VarianceKiller vs Lemon36

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Collin Moshman and fitzinator18 bring you commentary of the HU Championship Final between Variancekiller and Lemon36


event final fun HU championship series

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  • WillyD


    Min raising brings more 3bets? wtf
  • variancekiller


    yes it does. min raising means you can have a bigger range as preflop aggresor. Which in turn gives the option to 3-bet with a bigger range!
  • CollinMoshman


    Agree with Variancekiller, against a minraiser I would both flat more in the big blind, and 3bet more, compared to a player open 3x'ing.

    Nicely played games by both VK and Lemon, not hard to see how either made it to the championship!
  • misspookie


    no if someone is min raise you want to call more cause your getting good odds post flop where if someone is 3xing hten yo uwant to 3b more cause your not getting good odds to call. These guys are supposed to be heads up specialists? Thats a very basic thing to know heads up. It doesn't mean you should 3b more casue someone is min raising. A lot of it depends on the opponent not the theory behind it.
  • fitzinator18



    I disagree. a 3x raise means you fold your BB more, you defend less in general irrespective of if it's a 3bet or a flat. when someone minraises, you defend more, wether that be with a 3bet or a flat. for example, if someone 3x's button, we can probably just fold a hand like Q3o, but if they minraise we have to defend hands like this, but personally knowing how badly it plays postflop I would place it in my 3betting range. causing my 3bet % to be higher than if he was 3xing since i know i can simply fold
  • olorunshogo24


    it bring more 3bet