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Online 6-max SNG expert Ivicalliev77 joins Collin Moshman for a very special live coaching on PokerStars Silver members can catch Collin's coaching live every Wednesday at 21:00CET


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  • contadocenas


    Enjoyed the coach however the video quality is way too poor. Nice topics which discussed along the seesion.

    Must be said it was one of the guest which I enjoyed most on those coachs.
  • shinanay


    translate input on Russian please
  • DrPepper


    Cool coaching. I also like this weeks guest best so far I guess. he seems to be a nice and funny guy. I'm glad that it's possible to listen to these coachings afterwards now, because I often I have no time on Wednesdays.
  • G4MBL0RforL1FE


    Hey guys, very nice podcast!

    4:50: You talked about stealing Any2 from the SB. When is it auto-profitable to steal ATC from the SB (How many blinds/players left; how often should the BB fold to a steal [in %], etc.)? Can you explain it again or more precisely to me?
    Thanks a lot!
  • IvicaIliev77


    #4 If opponent folds minimum 50% BVB you can make auto profit by min raising.
    When you have 10 or less BB effective things change as many times when BB 3 bet shoves you are committing yourself to raise call.

    It doesn't matter how many players are left and dynamics that much. If you have opponent on the BB who is very exploitable and doesn't adjust then you can keep stealing ATC.
  • G4MBL0RforL1FE


    #5 Thanks a lot, Iliev! =)
  • IvicaIliev77


    You welcome Mr G4MBLORforL1FE :)
  • mortal1ty


    great content shame video quality wasnt that great :( lagish alll the way thru
  • mondenkind


    I liked it 2 very much! But quality of vid made it really hard to follow some parts...