A postflop quiz with Collin

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Collin replays postflop spots from his own games and quizzes the viewer on the best line. Topics include ranging opponents, overbet bluffing, pot control, and deciding on a line for the whole hand at the flop. With a wide mix of different postflop situations, this is the video for any SNG or tourney player to improve their postflop game.


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Comments (19)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the quiz! Don't forget to pause the video when Collin says so and note down what your action would be!
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    hi Collin, again nice vid
    last Hand i would just check fold - I expect him to hit his flush or possible straight, after he just called all streets. bad experience in those spots let me always think the worst :)
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    most likely he flopped already a straight...
  • pedro76pt


    He´s not a solid player so ... i like check/call on river because he will fold all weak hands if we bet and i want to give him the chance to try to represent the flush. If he has hit the straight on flop i think he will protect the hand against the flush´s and if he has the nut flush draw, gut shot and (probably) two overs on turn he should have raised/shove our bet.
  • ghaleon


    6:20 67s. Personally if I elect to take bluffing line I would just bet flop right away and continue barreling. Even if our plan is to just fire two barrels it has more weight in it as villain has to think of possible third barrel coming in river.

    If you do bluff turn then river is mandatory bluff also as you have done. Though with those reads (about his range to capped into K high and middle pockets) you can also take this line with Ax and not just Qx. If villain think that way then bluffing becomes much better.

    If he assumes your range is only Qx or better then turn and river bluff is more questionable as your value range is so thin.

    Also I would not necessarily take away completely Ax or Qx from his check range, but that does depend much on villain.

    8:20 QQ: I would tend to check back turn versus this type of player. Because can we really go for 3 streets of value? By cbetting and checking turn we can rep some missed hands and balance our range a bit. Obviously idea is to call most rivers or value bet if villain checks. In river we should have pure bluff catcher and I doubt whatever he has really any bluffs. Not that many will expect overpair to fold in this spot.

    11:30 Q9o: Well played imo. His line is just bad overall. Why to turn hand like that into bluff? I don't see any reason really... You can possibly 3bet sometimes with air or draws or strong made hands. Is he planning to stack off flop then? Also his turn bet makes no sense. It might be spot for you to semibluff with check-raise or air if we get into lot of leveling stuff :)

    Unless he is planning to stack off both flop and turn, but that would require quite funny history to not be huge spew...

    14:50 AKs: I would definitely bet flop bigger. Turn smaller size is fine. In river... Well in my opinion it's either check or bet-fold most of time readless. If he goes for check-raise our hand should be bluff catcher and readless I would not expect to see bluffs often at all. Versus tighter looking player I would definitely consider checking back.

    16:50 AJo: Always taking call line. If he checks turn then either check back or small value as inducer. 4k is too much imo. I would go for 2.5k or so.
  • ghaleon


    18:45 TT: No point to do anything else than call in turn. Keep possible air in his range and pot control.

    20:00 ATo: Sometimes I might go for check-calling mode from flop if villain is very aggro. Cbet is default and most of time I would then go for check. If he has Ax in this board there is decent change he is doing value betting himself. If he is floating we give him that opportunity. Check-raise is interesting line though with those stacks it would start to look strong into my eyes.

    To make bet-bet-bet good line here we have to expect hero call reads on villain. E.g. calling 76 or some KT type hand down.

    Also I see lot of even decent regs in STT games to call flop with some Kx and then bet turn with float plan. For hand like that and possibly for Q9 as well optimal play would be to check turn and evaluate river imo. It's just funny that I often see players turning nice/decent showdown value hand into bluff in this sort of spots. :)

    31:00 QQ: Imo versus good reg river is either check or shove. I would tend to go for check. Though maybe he still calls small bet with worse. Problem with small bet is that it looks so much like value bet. Well maybe you are also balancing that by bluffing so small also sometimes. But idea of shoving is "We are in heavy ICM spot, I put pressure on you! Do you have balls to call?" Where as river small bet says: "I want you to call me so I don't put that much pressure than shove would" Versus reg this might work often enough as bluff also and in the end it's about value/bluff ratio.

    Anyway if board had developed in bit "dryer" (is that word?) way I would prefer river shove.

    31:00 88: With those reads it's reasonable line. With my own reads I would have been happily shoving.

    Last hand: With that SPR in river I would tend to shove. Other option is to check-fold. Check-calling is worst option as villain is likely checking back most of worse hands and shoving better hands.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2/#3 NVKS: Thanks for the comments! I'll make a post on the last hand in a few days, appreciate the feedback.

    #4 Pedro76pt: Nice comments, what do you think are some of the hands that he's been calling with up until the river that might now bluff-shove if we check to him?
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Ghaleon: Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll respond to several of the questions now and more over the next couple of days.

    QQ: I agree that checking back the turn keeps his range wide and helps with balance/etc, very good point.

    Q9o: Glad you liked the hand. He did play it pretty weird, but I don't think he's quite turning his hand into a bluff ... I think he's basically looking to take the lead, charge draws, and then check back river UI. If I 3bet flop, my guess is he either flats or folds depending on my sizing, and he folds facing turn c/r. I wouldn't play it like he did, but I'm guessing that's what he had in mind.

    AKs: Agree on betting flop bigger, and that river is a b/f vs tighter player since we're just hoping that he hero's us.
  • pedro76pt


    I think he (could) try to represent with all Ax hands that he call´s flop and turn trying to hit the 5, hit the A or even hit the kicker higher than 7 ... if our decision is not folding so we must give him the oportunity to bluff ... if we go all in his decision his easy and we´ll not let him make a semi-mistake. I only like this line because the river is perfect to represent.
  • Oger88


  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Ghaleon:

    ATo: I definitely agree that people (regs in particular, but rec players too) bet the flop a ton when you have the lead and then check to them on the turn, even when they have SD value and betting doesn't accomplish much. In this spot, my thoughts are that if I flat his turn bet, then he knows I have SD value. Whereas if I c/r, there's at least some chance I'm bluffing. So if he's strong we get it in anyway, and if he has nothing, it gives him the chance to float the c/r or 3bet bluff. Maybe that's over-thinking :)

    QQ: I probably wouldn't bet small there too often as a bluff, for the reason that I'd expect to be called a ton, which is what I think makes it a decent spot to vbet small. I do see what you're saying, it's a bit transparent, but checking back seems pretty weak, and shoving is almost turning my hand into a bluff.
  • CollinMoshman


    And here are my thoughts on the last hand, thanks to everyone who posted giving their thoughts. I'm glad people argued for almost all the possible options as I thought this was a pretty tricky spot. In-game I made what I now think is the wrong decision (I shoved).

    My preferred play is actually just to c/f. A big part of his range is club draws, so we save the rest of our stack against those. The one-pair hands in his range like K3s will probably fold if we shove, and check back if we check. Occasionally we get bluffed out with 5X when we c/f, but I think we rarely get called by worse if we shove, and don't have the equity against his shove range to c/c.
  • pedro76pt


    You shove and he fold right?
  • CollinMoshman


    #13 pedro76pt: He hit a flush with 9c8c
  • pedro76pt


    Tks for the answer :)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Collin great video thank you! About the last hand with the KK, I think perhaps you could have cbet a tad bigger than 1/2 pot on flop and turn maybe 2/3. I was also wondering how you 'd feel about an odd-ball turn overbet shove here do you think that could ever be the most profitable line or is that generally akin to wasting your kings? Thanks for answering.
  • DrPepper


    For the last hand I think I prefer to try to c/r all in on the turn. It might look a semi bluff to him. Of course you often give a free card that way but i like to try to get the money in on the turn or keep the pot small for the river. But it's not a great spot no matter how you play it.
  • chantool


    Hej! very nice video collin, for the last hand KK, I think we probably small bet fold, vilain could call with PP maybe top pair and shove nuts like flush. I think it's the best plan on the river.
    What do you think about your pre flop sizing? maybe 380 was the best because it's permitted to broke on the turn with appropriate sizing line, no?
    Of course we reduce the calling range but I think it's not to much.
    380 pf, 475 flop, and shove 1835 in 1700 on the turn?

    @16 : I agree with you, we should be raise 2/3 pot on the flop

    @17 : "I think I prefer to try to c/r all in on the turn"
    I really don't like because the opponent don't seems to be very aggressive, so if he have FD, he check behind for sure..
  • NSMS21


    I agree with #17.... the free river card happens rarely....in my experience they bet turn when checked to with almost all their range