Small Tournament, Big Success

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  • $3.40
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In this video, rodgethat is reviewing hand history of our user biogas, who came 3rd in the $3.3 MicroMillions tournament!


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  • ruisilva2121


  • ruisilva2121


    Won so much money
  • ruisilva2121


    This guy is great
  • ruisilva2121


    I wanna be like him
  • ruisilva2121


    Cant see the video


    Just luck !
  • hermich



    First of all, thanks for this awesome video. It's fast but you explain very well the plans pre and post flop, and the logic together.

    So thanks to you I understood everything perfectly but there is just one hand I have a question about.

    50'12: you open with A2s with is pretty good given the playability post-flop if you are flat called. (I think this is the reason, because we would never have opened A2o)
    The player on your left shoves, and the BB raises you 2.1 X or so.

    You fold. My question here is: can we argue for a call here ?

    Here is my thinking:
    - you have to put something like 140k in a 580k pot, so you have around 4:1.
    -this 3 bet (well it's a 4 bet but the shove doesn't really count for a 3 bet) shows some strengh but your hand has a very good playability post flop.
    -your opponent is pretty deep for this stage of the tournament so if you hit your hand, there is a lot to value.
    -on many flops it's going to be WAY easier for you to play the hand than for your opponent. You have position + your range is wider than his + the presence of the side pot makes him hard for him to play many flops.

    For example is an Ace flops, he could barrel once with his PP like 88+, but he will very probably give up on turn, because the guy who shoves can also have an Ace and therefore he's not sure to win the pot even if you fold. Even if there is a K or a Q, he may C-bet once for not twice unless he actually have a hand and you know you are beaten. Same thing if he has an high ace like AK, AQs, and he misses the flop. I think he's going to check most flops, and if you have any draw (flush draw or even straight), you'll be able to see some free cards. And if you actually hit flush, you'll surely be able to extract some value from him + win the side pot for sure.

    In conclusion I have the feeling that's the low chips amount required to see a flop that is going to be easier to play for you (because this hand will often be transparent imo) than for your opponent is enough to call here.

    Is there something wrong with my thinking or is it a playable move ?
  • hermich


    PS: sorry if there is any English mistake in my comment. :)
  • maklakiewicz


    czyli warto czy nie warto oglądać?
  • rodgethat


    #7 Glad you liked the video

    The A2s, it is true he is going to play fairly straight forward post but that makes it hard to get value when we do hit post. Think just folding pre is best given the stacks depths and how he always has a strong range since the short stack is all in already.

    I don't hate flatting, its not like its terrible but if you are flatting here you should be very aware of his range and should be folding Top pair vs 2 barrels basically everytime. Going to be a spot were he flops a better top pair then us very often and being this short in stack depth in a bloated pot may be hard to fold for most ppl in game. Basically I think folding pre is the better line to take.

    Hope that makes some sense, thanks for watching!
  • acerbikas


    18:22 what 3bet sizing would u suggest @ 26-28 bbs?
  • imgoingtomirage


    AlfaOmega89, KrolMaciej, if you have any questions, post them in English, please. Thanks in advance.
  • rodgethat


    13# think I would go around 4.6k in this spot so like 2.8x, want to make it small enough that we can iso shove incase the opener flats and the short stack shoves.
  • hermich


    Thanks for your answer ! I watched the video again and I have a couple of questions:

    39:35 it also seems to me that a larger c-bet (than 50%) is needed, but how much would you bet ? PhD_Biogas bet 72%.

    I personally bet around 66% here, and sometimes like in the hand 70-75%. I also think it's too big but in 3$ MTT I think people call way too much with draws, even with gutshots, bottom pair good kicker, etc.

    So what would be your sizing in this kind of situation ?

    50:30 I wouldn't 3bet neither here, but what would be your 3 bet range ? Both your value range and your "hands that aren't good enough to defend with" ?

    Thanks !
  • rodgethat



    39:35 I would go around 55-65% something around there

    50:30 My value range for 3b/get in is very player dependant in spots like these, vs some ppl I might go as wide as 77+, ajs+ but again totally depends how often the are opening and folding to 3bets, also if you have a big enough sample how often they 4b.

    As far as hands that are not good enough to defend it again depends on the player, vs someone opening a lot and folding to 3bs I would 3b very wide. Kinda of hard to give a exact range cause spots like these depend on villain so much but you can start adding some small SC vs someone opening a lot, think that's a good place to start.
    Can connect with boards that don't hit our perceived range and we can also attack those High card dry boards when we get flatted so should be fairly easy to play post.

    Hope that helps, thanks for the comments!
  • elpsycho


    21:43 AJo, 13bb with ante from UTG. Why do you think that raise is better than openpush?
  • awildo


    very good video
  • Apenshin


    Nice video, keep going on! I wait for the next episode!