Winning the Hot $75 - Road to the final table

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  • MTT
  • $75
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In the second part of the series focusing on her Hot $75 win, Katie is going to cover the play from before the bubble, during the bubble and the mini payout bubbles, all the way to the final table.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions for Katie in the comments below!
  • Glladioluss


  • DrPepper


    34:05 Shouldn't 00psiedaisy call any2 here? he has 24.000 Chips and there's 40.000 chips in overlay, so he's almost getting 1:3 on a call (given that non of the other players call of course. I wouldn't even fold 23o here I think. For what kind of better spot is he waiting for? I'm not a tourney player but is it really worth waiting another hand or two and paying the ante in that spot? If so, what would your calling range here?
  • grabek87


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  • PhreaKer


    33:00 I think you could even rc your 77.

    And that is because you look like you want to to fold against 00psiedaisy.

    I know you can argue it looks to strong but you could also balance it and rf some hands of your bottom range for shoving in that spot against him.
  • KatieDozier314


    @DrPepper, I agree unless (and it is possible) that there was an even shorter stack than him at the other table, due to the payjump for making the FT. Good point! :)

    @PhreaKer, I agree that r/cing the 77 would be profitable, but when I have been shoving a lot and I wake up with a pretty strong hand, I prefer just shoving because I think my image will enable me to be called by worse, and because, as you point out it may actually look suspicious. Interesting points, thanks!
  • PhreaKer


    Well I disagree.

    I like to mr/c a wider valuerange and have a rf range and just shove midrange, pretty much standart for me, and that is because it has the highest EV imo ;)

    But I totally understand your point.