Climbing the MTT Mountain

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In his debut, our new MTT coach invite you for a hike on the MTT Mountain. You will learn all necessary fundamentals to become a successful player.


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Comments (21)

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  • lila28


    Very ifnormative and greatly organized video.
  • lila28


  • Plaetter


    Agree with lila and lookin forward for more specific stuff, great job on your first video and welcome to pokerstrategy!
  • c0nstrictor


    nice video, even though a lot of these things come natturally it can fast forward the progression
  • LuckyLukePS


    Thanks guys, glad to get the positive feedback, I'm happy you found the content of value :) More on the way soon!
  • aGifredzRNMD


    Good as always Luke. So cool that i just stumbled over this vid (just regged this site :) ). gl with the new gig and gl at the tables!

  • PenceaClaudia


  • wlcKeD


    Very-VERY good ! Waiting for MORE, please ! :)
  • TheRebuz


  • DarkTunnel


    Very motivating video! Thank You!
  • antti5


    very good!
  • Gecko80


    you play go? sweet!!
  • LuckyLukePS


    Thank you guys! Stoked to get such great feedback on my first video :) And yes, I play Go! It's a beautiful game.

    Please feel free to check out my coaching thread here:

    And get in touch with any questions. I'm going to jump in the forums regularly too, and have more video content coming soon! :)
  • Novak44


    Good one! Thanks a lot
  • linis7


    i like it! well done! looking forward for next one... thx...
  • narundmc


    Let's climb it!!
  • Razorheart


    You seem likeable, you make me want to watch more
  • gobby88


    question for you luke - I'm making a transition from Cash games to MTTs, will be targeting small stakes buyins ($10-20), would you say its better to be staked, in a stable with coaching but giving up some of your equity or would it be better to bankroll yourself and go the self study route?

    From a 1 year progress point of view, which do you think is best?
  • mingey101


    how does one become part of a stable
  • brillegutt


    def. going to watch you more, well done : )
  • ContenderNR7


    thanks for the video. could you make a video about live poker MTT's the differences between online and other aspects of playing live ?