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In this video, lechrumski explains the importance of financial intelligence, differences of poor and rich and many other topics.


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  • w34z3l


    Nice. Would watch again but I have a bad knee.
  • MrMardyBum


    I clicked here expecting something totally different... As for terminology I think breaking people into these categories is wrong in the age we live in... There is not just rich and poor any more, and some of my poorest friends are so academically advanced that I fail to relate much here. And I come from one of the poorest areas in my town, yet I have succeeded and I now run a nightclub and I'm currently in the process of obtaining more qualifications so that I understand business management better and can take control of my own venue. So as much as I love the site as a video on psychology... There was already better videos here. This was not a training video in my opinion. Just a video showing how there is a difference between wealth classes... I think everyone already knows this. There is no advice or training here... Just an inaccurate representation of working class people.

    Maybe lechrumski just doesn't hail from the same culture I do and maybe that is the reason I failed to relate.
  • lechrumski


    The aim of this video is to show the differences in mentality between poor and rich: differences in their behavior, attitude towards different life situations and some other skills and habits that we can all learn. I wanted to draw your attention to importance of financial mentality issues as in my opinion scientific research presented in the video is pretty interesting and might inspire some reflection.

    On my example I can see that implementing some habits like regular exercises, reading books etc. have very good impact on my effectiveness.

    Academic background is something different and I am pretty sure we have many poker players in our community playing mid/high stakes that didn't complete higher education.

    10 minutes ago I wrote a message on facebook, now I am writing this post using windows on my laptop made by Dell. However Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell quit or didn't finish studies.

    I totally agree that having academic background and extensive knowledge might have very good impact on our finances (currently I started my second post diploma studies - from psychology of sport), however it is even more important how we will put this knowledge into practise.
  • ggccc


    like it :) nice
  • StAllin


    I thinked it is a video, in what I learn do not tilting if i loose money.... But it was good your Video, and how know, perhabs your next video is to fight the money tilt. :-) Thank you Lechrumski
  • MrMardyBum


    You say in the video that poor people ARE victims... You cannot group people like this. Not every poor person sees like this and I know some rich people are also in the "I am a victim" state of mind.. I don't wish to argue with you on something you seem passionate about but basing anything on a WHOLE group of people (of I guess THE WHOLE WORLD as you fail to mention any geographical trends) due to financial worth is naive and frankly in my opinion stupid.

    Also, in response to your response - You also clearly state in the video at 7:44 that poor people don't see the need to carry on in education or self-improvement... Yet in that response you say the opposite...

    Is it me?

    I don't understand how this is even a thing that warrants a video and the fact PokerStrategy has put it here is beyond my comprehension.

    I think however you should either message me via community if you for some reason wish to respond again as not to spam up your video thread.
  • lechrumski


    This video is aimed exclusively for poker players. I wanted to show, how we can change our attitude towards money by changing our mentality and habits. I believe that these changes will have a positive impact not only on our financial situation but also on personal effectiveness.

    Habits have a crucial impact on our finances and I wanted to encourage everybody watching this video to examine their habits and reevaluate them.

    If we will learn useful habits in one area of life - it will have a good impact also on other areas, e.g. when you start going to the gym, you usually start paying more attention to your diet. According to American financial mentality trainer Harv Eker "How you do one thing is how you do everything". And I truly believe in that.

    Also I never said that person who is poor is less valuable as a human. The purpose of the video is to reevaluate your habits and as a result improve our financial situation in a long run.
  • Dedees89


    very good!
  • vitabrevis


    In relation to this video I would recommend reading the book: "Rich father, poor father" by Robert Kiyosaki
  • MrMardyBum


    Meh, you debate like a high school teenager - Dodging the actually points I made and addressing none - I'm done with you. Congrats on getting a trashy video published under false pretences and picking up some little lambs.
  • Somnius


    I think the main takeaway from this video is the underlying principle which has held true in psych research for a long time. Simply - those who internalize events are more likely to overcome - and those who externalize less likely to overcome and grow.

    From there I think you did a good job presenting your ideas clearly but it's a much too encompassing and complex issue to simply present very generalized conclusions and points and achieve substance.
  • Jarzab86


    Leszek zawsze na propsie!
  • CamboCat


    Inspiring; good stuff!
  • rmotoki


    Pretty good video!
    I understand what you were aiming for with the terminology for "rich" and "poor", as they are reffering to mindsets and not really to wealth, as financial status doesn't necessarily imply an appropriate mindset. I've seen similar stuff that reffer to this kind of stuff as "winner and loser mentality."

    I can see people getting butthurt by it instead of actually trying to learn something, but I guess that's going to happen with anything anyway. Looking forward to further parts, cheers!
  • s0cru3l


    Nice vid, GJ! Looking forward to more vids from you
  • totione


    Nice One! Thanks
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    True, everything depents of the money
  • barteq88


    Good video, thanks!

    Some people take things too literally and focus on what is not really the point. Poor them.
  • tiltmonk


    really nice video. Thank you!
  • apprendist


    Thanks for the video, really useful
  • Shin1019


    Nice vid. Hope to see your other vids soon!