10 Tips to get out of the Micros - #3 Squeeze and cold 4bet

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $25
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In the 3 part of his 10 tips to get out of the micros series, double2 will explain why you should squeeze some additional hands that we would overcall normally. As a bonus tip he will look at cold-calling 3bets, why we shouldn't do it and why cold 4-betting is preferable instead.


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  • CamboCat


    Another excellent video in an awesome series! I like the way you explain things. Looking forward to the next one
  • eslchr1s


    The calling part in the bb is wrong tho... potodds are overrated. you dont have as much as equity 3way than you have headsup...
  • val976


  • hoangtumeocon


    thank you very muck
  • spokas444


  • jfuechsl


    I like your videos a lot! Thank you!
  • yetAnotherUsername


  • NothingIsForSho


    Very good but what about all that talk about squeezing suited Kings and such? Should this only be done IP / with reads?
  • double2


    Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it.

    Well, we could overflat some of those on BB, if open was 2.5bbs we should call every Kxs. Vs 3bb open we could add a couple of Kxs to squeeze range as a default, like K7s-K8s or something.
  • Pokerruudje


    Thanks double2!
    When is number 4 coming?
  • SillySaurus


    I played with your squeeze range in NL10 zoom and after 14 squeezes I got called 12 times! So I have adjusted my squeezing range to be much more nitty. From my small sample people seems way too call happy to make the range from your video profitable so I am thinking I should first open more up when i hit NL50. :P
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, double2! Whole series so far is just awesome! Here is sort of a question from Russian community;

    27:15 If we have to fold 40% of a time, then total number of hands should be calculated as 40 (value hands) / (1-0.4) = 67 combos or 4.9%. But you give a range of 4.2, where you fold 1.2% of all hands, so it's 1.2/4.2 =29% of a time instead of 40%. Is there a mistake or maybe I am the one who's wrong?
  • double2



    Thanks for the feedback Inspire! Yeah, I made a mistake on that calculation, we should be 4bet/folding more combos. Nice catch!
  • Laci24


    Thank you for your job! Really helpful stuff! ;)
  • vandeuren


    i noticed the 40% mistake as well, and try to adjust for it when constructing my own ranges: would you agree on these ranges instead
    co open
    bu 3bet
    BB(hero)-value: AK+, JJ+ (3%)
    -bluff: AQo, AQs, AJo, AJs (2,4%)

    bluff/value ratio: 0,44

    bu open
    sb 3bet
    BB(hero)-value: TT+, AQs+, AKo+ (3,8 %)
    -bluff: AQo, AJs, AJo, KQs, half combo KQo (2,9%)

    bluff/value ratio: 0,43

    basically what i did is take same valueranges as you did in vid, and then tried to adjust the bluffrange to get closer to the suggested 40% fold range

    ps what range would you pick here

    lets assume following scenario: 100bb deep, all villains unknow
    UTG opens to 3bb
    MP 3bets to 9bb
    CO( hero) ???

    my question is here mainly: what do we do with QQ here? I'm pretty sure JJ is an openfold here, but unsure if we can raise/get it in with QQ or AKs

    option 1: only 4bet KK+ for value
    value: KK+ (0,9%)
    bluff: AKs, half of combo's AKo (0,75%)

    option 2: include QQ for value
    value: QQ+(1,4%)
    bluff: AKs, AKo (1,2%)

    option 3
    value: QQ+, AKs (1,6%)
    bluff: AKo, AQs (1,2%)

    thanx for the video btw, it helped me alot
  • double2


    Hi, those ranges you made look good. BBvs sbbu I think it's a bit optimistic to 4bet AQs with the intention of stacking off, without further reads. When choosing between AJ and KQ to 4bet/fold, maybe KQ is a bit better, it blocks villain shoving range a bit better.

    That situation on CO vs MPUTG, without reads, I think at these stakes it will be optimistic to 4bet/stack off QQ. Actually AK works better for that because you get more folds (but I think you have to call when they shove, not sure). QQ I think it's an open fold. With some reads we can adjust these marginal spots, like if we know none of the 2 players are loose then a open fold with AK is best and we just 4bet for value with KK+.
  • GingerKid



    Interesting topic. Why not open a thread for a discussion, here it is imo too complicate? "vandeuren" has already openned a thread for this in advanced section, it would be nice if you answer.
  • GingerKid


    "That situation on CO vs MPUTG, without reads, I think at these stakes it will be optimistic to 4bet/stack off QQ. Actually AK works better for that because you get more folds (but I think you have to call when they shove, not sure). "

    When MP 3bets, what range do you put him on? I think standard value is KK+. What is assumption about MP defend range vs cold 4bet from CO? Since you think that KK is a 4bet/call, then you likely think that MP will shove enough bluffs, so to make our KK indifferent? If he doesnt shove enough bluffs, then we dont have pot odds to call KK after 4bet.

    So if it is the case that KK is indifferent after 4bet, or even -EV, why not cold call KK regardless if IP or OOP? I cant see how can call EV be less than 4bet EV. Similar with QQ, AK, it is hard for me to believe that call EV is less than open fold EV. Imo the reason to open fold QQ, AK even though call EV is higher, shouldnt be because we are cappt after cold calling.
    Also call range vs 3bet, UTG vs mP is very capt, but we dont fold hands as QQ, AK. it is even pop
  • hannibl


    ez kész nem hjiszem el
  • Benrenc380


    Wow never thought about the cold 4 bet range before.Really nice vid.i never thought about squeezing with broadways also.Maybe i should try it out.
  • JackPot11


    Интересное видео!
  • Remedytogo


    Very interesting video an topic. I like it a lot ;)
  • GerryCze


    Hi, interesting video. Do I understand correctly that you do not recommended to have a 5 bet bluffing range in squeeze pot on those limits?
  • double2



    Hi Gerry, thanks for the feedback.

    When we are talking about 5bet shoving range there is no really "5 bet bluff range" (unless you are exploiting something). That range usually is completely depolarized. Think AK for example, in a strict sense that is a 5bet bluff, you don't want to get called, you'll be behind villain's range. But it's still a profitable 5bet given the blockers (more FE) and the okay equity when it gets called.
  • leofreymuth


  • oviovi86


    and educaional video....congratulation.....and keep up the good work;)