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Have you ever encountered difficulties in progressing with your poker career? Maybe motivation is the key! Tackleberry will show you how you can use the full potential of our community and at the same time improve your game, find fellow poker players and stay up to date with the latest strategy developments.


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  • tonypmm


    Being active on Internet forums actually does the opposite - it *incarcerates* a person into a virtual cellar because conversing in real life doesn't seem necessary any longer :p (though of course it is). Poker pros usually need to be less immersed in the online life to maintain sanity, imo.
  • tonypmm


    A grindhouse or expat community, where players are in touch physically, works better, but the poker-life balance still has to be maintained - they should *often do real-life activities together too* (as well as take breaks from each other sometimes).
  • MalibuRS


  • tonypmm


    Also, learning to spend smarter (get a bigger bang on the buck enjoyment-wise) gives more happiness in the long run than learning to earn more money (while throwing it away on hookers and blow and coming back into the games to replenish the wasted net worth).
  • Glladioluss


  • zyvy


  • Mantelo


    Definitely gonna take some tips on this topic, very well explained and organized. The only negative thing after watching video is that I feel ashamed now for not posting a grateful replies when coaches analyzed my hands :)) So thanks for that lesson, I will improve :)
  • Riggitanu58


    So thanks for that lesson
  • Sailer85


    Good vid, but all kind a basic... Normal people would do this automatically I would assume.
  • eldarismo


    Great video and tips! Thank you for it, learned some new stuff what should to do!!
  • lancefong


    very interesting video. I might try posting in forums to get feedback to get better at poker.
  • HuaGuS


    thanx for the video..keep up the good work!
  • Pannekoekk86


    maybe i also need to find more (skype friends) that motivate me for playing and getting better....