Collin reviews snyucis's Saturday Splash MTT win - Late stages and Final table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $2
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Collin continues his review of our community member's big success. Second part will follow the action from the first part, focusing in the mid and late stages, all the way to the final table, heads up play and the finishing moves for the win.


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  • madein1984


    30:30 I would have liked to see a HRC analysis of this hand. I think, this is actually -EV, because hero would never have shoved QQ-AA like that, JJ probably neither. Still kinda close I guess.
  • criscolt


  • sekta


  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Madein1984: I agree that Hero's range is capped, and it's an OK call from cEV perspective. But with ICM it's too wide.
  • chipaid


    Very good tkns
  • ritschy22


    wow ;))
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Chipaid: Thanks, glad you enjoyed.
  • macgyver76


    26:43 you said "i prefer to open" its a raise/fold against any player right? but dont you think the blinds can 3 bet very wide and exploit us? also what range here to raise/fold and to raise call? its tricky for me here with 88+ or qjo . thanks for the video :)
  • Crrrrrrr


    Great video, thanks :)
  • Crrrrrrr


    Oh, and since people are better at shoving ranges than calling ranges, is it possible to have videos more oriented towards calling spots instead of shoving?
  • machichi


    This is amazing!
  • Kasevich


    Хорошее видео, интересно было глянуть)
  • pianist8716


  • pianist8716


    fantastic job man
  • walkergav


    nice vid thanks very much
  • Febbi


    thanks collin, nice vid :)
  • JackPot11


    Хорошая работа)
  • SpaWar


    very nice, thank u Collin!
  • ShovingLoose


    Again a very good video. I like Collins videos, great analysis.
  • simson500


    It is always nice to see someone winning out of this cummunity, but of course that does not automatically mean, that all the moves leading to the victory were correct.
  • BitLow


    THX very impress
  • 8nitik8


    Отличный видос,можно посмотреть на досуге.
  • simson500


    This is a very nice peace of work. I really enjoyed watching this video. Let us hope for more of the same.
  • komposer


  • Meddoxx


    very impressive.. thanks Collin..
  • badbeatuk


    Nice video , i like the pace you go through the hands with good analysis
  • RentzEst


    Nice :)
  • Crazygamer88


    Sometimes you win and sometimes the others loose