Old wine in new skins - CBets, weak hands & a whale!

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In this new video series, Tackleberry examines old concepts and checked whether this still apply today or if they are outdated.


Contibet flop PT4 Theory Video turn

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  • seacat22


    nice video thanks
    at what stakes does moving away from Baluga Theorem make sense I play at nl5 very few players x/r turn as bluff or protection
  • Lucker9200


    K3dd on Jh4d3h , despite the hand getting into decent bluffing opportunities on the turn if we check-raise the flop and we make villain fold some high-equity hands on the flop, aren't there better hands to do it with in our range like Qd5d which doesnt suffer from loosing sdv and also we don't have that many value hands that want to check-raise the flop (J4s,J3s,maybe 43s if we have it - I assume we prefer to slowplay our sets because villains bluff cbetting frequency is high and we want him to improve)
  • CamboCat


    Great video! Looking forward to following parts
  • Tackleberry


    @1+3: Thanks for the nice words, very greatly appreciated!

    @2: It´s definitely close between x/c and x/r but I´d say our hand might gain more from raising than from calling, it´s kind of a semi-value-bet; additionally, we should definitely have a bunch of valuehands that we want to raise the flop with, 65hh, A2hh etc. are valuehands as well.
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    thanks for video! Helpful
  • jules97


    Nice video.

    I think they're both very close to x/c and x/r. I tend to prefer both as a x/r, mainly from a x/r composition point of view. With the 67s hand, it's not like hero has any other 6x really. 67s is only 3 combos. I disagree that our x/r and x/c range get destroyed if we x/r some weak made combos like this. I think it makes both ranges stronger, just a tiny bit more complicated to break things up between both ranges (i.e. have some 67s x/r, at the expense of x/c something like a few more gutshots).

    Without some weak made hands in a x/r range villain will have more profitable floats to a flop x/r with hands that are ahead of our other x/r bluffs and have some ok equity against our made hands. In this case, something such as QTo.

    I also question if the Ace of hearts on the turn is actually better for villains range than heros? It looks scary sure, but at a closer look, does not the Ace of hearts takes out far more heart draws from heros range than villains range. Villain is likely floating with a tonne more non Ace high FD's, than hero will x/r with. Somethiing like an Ace of spades would be far better for hero I would think.
  • fabioset


    thanks for video! Helpful
  • helliaspapas


    very nice vid
  • legionarul24


    it was a nice video, i/m glad i can see this ....
  • Tim64


    Really insightful, thankyou. I'm now going to work my way through your other material!
  • munkhbaaat


  • Tackleberry


    Thanks to all for the nice comments! Always happy about it. :)
  • phamoskee


    Good leaning.perfect
  • Dendydanny


    good one
  • Laci24


    Really good vid!! Thank you! :)
  • silvy187999


    sorry not my Favorit video because in english here :-((
  • Strongsl


    Keep the goob job!