10 Tips to get out of the Micros - # 5 Bet the right flops

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In the 5th part of his '10 tips to get out of the micros' series, double2 explains on how you decide which flops to bet into both for single raised and 3bet pots. Furthermore he differentiate between in position and out of position play. He also goes through frequent misconceptions to highlight the optimal plays.


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  • KosttuxxRNMD


    Nice tips, thanks for video
  • MaxVarchuk


  • Wonder1


  • greeks1985


  • double2


    ^^ With Love from Russia? :)
  • Shigoto


  • RocKet2014


  • ivele


    Supre nace
  • yelite


    good video
  • tomika10oo


    Tanulságos videó
  • double2


    спасибо, ребята!
  • asimos


  • svonja


    i can learn a lot from this videos, thanks a lot on this, regards
  • buschips


    thanks, like this series. Keep it up.
  • AK2404AK


    not really a good video, the coach stuuter most of the time
  • Deadlyfearx


    pretty good video for new players which only started playing
  • jossy69


    very nice video!! cheers!
  • masha20152014


  • PinkHairedLady


  • svonja


    pretty good video for new players which only started playing, hope that will be more, nice
  • Jojo567890


    Very good. Definetely a lot better than most classic "bet dry and c/f wet boards" tips.

    Can't wait to see more
  • Petz91


    It is quite a good series so far, very understandable and good examples, but I would take care of my english (no offense), I know it's not easy as a second-language speaker, but I would try to use correct terms. (Is "showdownable hand" a correct term? I'm not a native speaker either, but I would just say "a hand with some showdown value") But overall the content is good, that's the most important thing :)
  • lenonmadeve


  • nasibians


  • lllyk


    not bad video
  • Rakyd


  • marcosmartinez


    great! double2 keep doing videos like this, simply the nuts
  • Laci24


    Really good vid! Thx :)
  • Exnp100



    How stupid is your comment? Ti many people this videos of him are pretty usefull and the stuff he is talking about is pretty explicit and good explained. Just because he is no native speaker this video doesnt get worse at all.
    You are one of those guys who would flame J.F. Kennedy when he said in german "Ich bin ein berliner (I am a berliner)"...
  • Afulibador


    @Exnp100, dont wast ur time.
    The guy u mencioned cant even write "stutters" right.
  • Th334


    Hey double2, thanks for an awesome video. One question, when discussing that low boards favour the 3-better you said that the reason is that the the 3-better has TT+ or JJ+ in his range whereas the caller doesn't.

    I always thought that on micros everyone calls 3-bets with TT-QQ in these spots and so should we. So, no, the only pockets the villain doesn't have here for sure is KK+.

    Does it make the argument that we should always c-bet on low boards less valid, or the fact that all villain's broadways miss alone is sufficient for a bluff c-bet?
  • double2



    It depends on the positions, usually it's a mistake to be calling 3bets with JJ on the BU, same for QQ in the CO, etc. If villain has all TT-QQ combos then that means that our overcards bluffs like KQ have 6 outs to improve less often, which is relevant. But we should still be betting very frequentely
  • msnek


    I don't mind the english so far as I feel I can understand what is he trying to say. Good stuff !