Hypers in the mix

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Our SNG guru Collin Moshman plays a variety of different tournaments on PokerStars. At the beginning he focuses on multi-table SNGs and ends playing single table Hyper Turbos.


collin hypers ICM MTT-SNG podcast PT4 push or fold sng

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  • Optick2013


    Good turbo videos ))))
  • Pokrbro


    Bring more lower micro stake SNG's to the table,having hard time finding current state on micro SNG/MTT's.
  • Oger88


    "declining the deal is a bad sign for you"? Why should I accept a dealing offer from a fish? Or were you refering on your specific story (that I´ve not heard before ;))
  • alendelon911


    Nice video
  • kendis


    good job :) nice video


    Why should I accept a dealing offer from a fish?
  • jasonAK22


    gogo ,good job
  • vadim1970


    смешно смотреть как колян ждет свой гатшот на ривере, привык на лаке доезжать лол
  • boris88RNMD


    комент 26 зачет) вспомнил сразу его первую книгу и пример раздач на снг бабле и проход до 1 места)
  • mrburns54