10 Tips to get out of the Micros - #8 Use stats wisely

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In the 8th part of his '10 tips to get out of the micros' series, double2 focuses on the most common mistakes that occurs when you are not using HUD stats properly. From this video you will learn the role of statistics at the micro stakes and how to use them in connection to all other important factors.


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  • evolenko2705


    а теперь по русски
  • ahapositivo


    esta em inglês, não entendo muito, mais é sempre bom algo novo
  • harrydakraam


    very nh
  • PsyPachamama


    A lingua acaba por ser sempre uma barreira :P
  • KapitenSRB


    good tp
  • svonja


    From this video you will learn the role of statistics, yep.
  • Gringo501


    zeker ;)
  • LyToLV


    But how it can help if pople are diferent some playing in god mood some playing in great mood some dont have time to playe till end and play fast. ich day pople can playe diferent.
  • ScorpMaster101


    what this?
  • ScorpMaster101


    didnt undestand...
  • VictorIonescuu


    how it works ?
  • castorespoker


    que bagatela
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  • buiscuil


    lol guys what type of comments are these. Nice vid, I think I am taking a lot of bad (along with lot of good too) decisions because of stats. I have a lot of those in my HUD and I guess something lighter wouldn't hurt.
  • Laci24


    Cool vid! Thx ;)
  • Saren113


    This is some serious shit, my mind is blown!
  • ConteCaly


    very nice video. ty;)