From MTTs to Cash Games

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Our coach pokerguru740 has recently added cash games to his everyday grinding routine. He decided to share the reasoning behind it, his thoughts and the differences between cash games and tournaments.


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Comments (7)

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  • tonypmm


    Though I'm not playing MTTs currently, I'd be pushed to learn them better (to replace Spin & Gos) if I wished to play poker professionally for many years to come, and I'd be glad if many MTT regs switched to NL cash after watching this video :p
  • Lucker9200


    A5o triple barrel hand (@10:20 replayer) r you betting all two pair(like 76/T6) and if not which one would be the weakest ?
  • Lucker9200


    ATs turn stab in 3b pot (@6:00), what do you think about checkcalling?
  • Lauwers1992


    Agree totally i think cash is definitely tougher than MTT's
  • pokerguru740


    @lucker9200, Yes I would bet all 2 pairs and here's why:

    -When you have 2 pair and your opponent opts to check/call it's extremely likely he has a 1 pair type of hand, If you were to count the combos of his 1 pair type of hands compaired to his 2 pair hands you'll see the combos of 1 pair significantly outway his 2 pairs. This is because we have huge blockers to 2 pair and the fact he didnt bet on flop.

    In regards to the A10s hand:

    -I really don't think checkcalling is very good, I simply think he's going to have too many AK/JJ/tt/Qx type of hands that would make c/c a losing play.
  • wojciech881


  • Castle93


    Definitely want to get my gold status back to watch the whole thing now