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Our members play a virtual hand against each other with all their ranges revealed. Are Kidzoltan & Elpsycho correct in all their asumptions? Are their ranges balanced? Where can they improve their game in Button versus Big Blind play? Find out all the answers with the help of our coach w34z3l!


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  • w34z3l


    All your range are belong to us!!!!!!!
  • mattyvx


    how did you work out 25% was nearly correct bluffing range on the river for elpsycho? Because we need to defend 55% of the time with roughly 1:1 ratio OTR?
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  • w34z3l


    @mattyvx - working out value:bluff ratio is a little bit different from calculating auto-profit on a bluff.

    To calculate value:bluff ratio we first look at how often the caller needs to be good in order to make the call based on pot-odds. Assuming he needs to be good 25% of the time to make the call (perhaps facing a half-pot bet), then it means it is correct for his opponent to bluff 25% so that he IS good 25% of the time.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    @3 auto-profit is how many folds you need to attain based on betsize mathematics even if we have 0% equity when called (so regardless of our actual hand). When calculating value:bluff ratio is like w34z3l said, faced with half pot bet caller needs to be correct 25% of the time,and the GTO bluffing frequency for BETTOR would then be the same frequency as the caller has to be right (because when you bluff and he calls he is "right") and the remainder would be valuebets. This way caller becomes indifferent to calling/folding = GTO.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi w34z3l, just one question around the 2 minute mark you say he has a polarized 3betting range from the BB WHICH MAKES SENSE. Why does this make sense, thank you for answering great video
  • ConteCaly


    great video!!! ty
  • codnaga


  • BidAsk


    #14 It's because if you 3bet a non-polarized range, an opponent will exploit you by folding more often. Also you will hurt you calling range.
  • briccius


    at 4:30 you are saying that if we assume an 8% 4bet range, elpsycho would fold almost exactly 63% to the 3bet which would be optimal given the pot odds. However, the 4bet has to be 18% not 8%, correct?