[User video] Bankroll Challenge by bonecore

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
  • Shorthanded
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bonecore turned $137 into $1,000 by moving from NL5 to NL25. In this video he presents the biggest pots, the good & bad beats. Do you find some advice for your game?
Check out bonecores new challenge to reach $2,000!


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  • Ragnarock26


  • tonypmm


    Regarding the 77 hand - I'm afraid that you would end up in the same scenario most of the time - one of the opponents would have a straight and the other - a bigger set. So a third set draws almost dead 3-way, though it would have sufficient equity HU. I'm not sure how big of a mistake is such a turn call (with a low set on a 4-straight board) in NLHE, but in PLO, it's a suicidal rookie mistake.

    On a side note, is Pokerstrategy going to continue releasing user-generated videos, or is this a one-off?
  • SvenBe


    He Tony,
    I don't have a release plan for user generated videos, so we will just go case by case if something/someone comes up with an idea. Bonecore was so generous to offer it and as a finisher of the bankroll challenge surely has the skill to be represented in the video section,too.
  • mattyvx


    nice result indeed to $1000! with the 98s hand, we say we remain at level 0 and he's not adjusting therefore this is a fold? It's bottom of 3bet range therefore not in 3bet calling range
  • trznk


    nice video and insights for players who are struggling to beat the micros! The advice to not level is pure gold. :D
    ;) nice flopping on the last hand! bet the guy tilted so hard it proved the effects of viagra!
  • trznk


    bonecore for Mr. Popularity 2015! ;)
  • bonecore


    Thanks for comments,
    @mattyvx yes, only reason for it would be because we are deep with a hand that plays well with deepstacks.
  • WKEN


    wery nIce!
  • LemOn36


    very nice, good job
  • Tinsley15


  • alonohara


    Very good work. Congrats !!!
  • kapral72


  • Viktar91


    weri good
  • Andrey11255


    On a side note, is Pokerstrategy going to continue releasing user-generated videos, or is this a one-off?
  • KingKas


    Biggest pot hand 77

    Why put them on Tx and sets and then call the turn? I wouldve said fold (before looking at the outcome obviously).
  • bonecore


    @KingKas we beat bottom set so i was stacking off
  • GoLo1


  • zegod


  • Alexeyko777


    Thanks for the video, but sound... it's very low)
  • BradNitt


    but how much did you loose?
  • SvenBe


    @15: we will occasionally do it - in this situation with bonecore as Bankroll Challange finisher it was the perfect spot. Any idea? Drop me a PM or bug me in the forums!
  • radak1


    very nice, good job
  • oviovi86


    an interesting video greetings bonecore ..... if you could do some video discs and Romanian language would be great...:)