Crush & Move-Up: NL10

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Our new coach asimos makes his debut on his very first live coaching for English community. In the first part of the three part series, he is playing a live session on two NL10 Zoom tables, explaining his decisions, answering questions and giving general advice on how to crush microstakes. Enjoy!


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Comments (21)

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  • naenun


    good job, thanks
  • tonypmm


    Perhaps asimos is right - I just need to stop overthinking poker. NL10 / PLO5 are beatable for a (third world country) living without all those advanced concepts that I've been spoonfed over the years and misapplying.
  • masikkiss


    So bad push with AJ - a lot people at NL10 raise only for value.
  • asimos


    AJ is a standard call if you consider your value bet range at this spot. A lot of people might raise only for value but a lot also do random spew or bad raises too. Is a mistake to fold such a strong hand imo... unless you have kind of sick reads.
  • asimos


    *standard push
  • tonypmm


    For those who wonder who that 'female woman' in the photo is: she's not a celebrity, just some unknown model. The original photo is here
  • Gawdless73


    Nice video thank you very much
  • Codnich


  • msnek


    9:50 Why it was such a no brainer to call there with ace high ? And with what all hands would u call there ?
  • asimos


    9.50: Well the exact range we should call depends on Villains shoving range. I think as a default sth like 44+, A5o+,KTo+, A2s+, K9s+, QTs+ is reasonable. If you want to make exact calculations you can use the Short Stacking Strategy Calculator (or any other similar program)
  • samxiasung


    nice video
  • msnek


    Asimos: but what shoving range are u giving him right in this particular spot and WHY ? Thanks :) btw: good vid
  • msnek


    26:05 What are all reasons 7x is not big part of your range ?
  • msnek


    36:00 I think overfolding here on stars on this limit and format is good play from my experience = I think people are raising here AK+ only. Does anybody, who plays zoom NL10 have same opinion/experience ?
  • asimos


    26.05: The bet on the river is debatable. I think that check back with showdown value is the standard play... but I wanted to show that over bluffing this spot works a lot at this limit... some villains will fold almost anything other than 7x. (and he is betting 7x himself almost always).
    Now 7x is not big part (not many combos) of my range (in villains eyes) simply bc we flat 77 preflop.. A7s(4 combos) K7s(4 comb) 78s (3 comb) might be 3bets some of the times preflop... but we also would bet the flop some of the times with those. Of course that depends on how you construct your preflop 3bet range... Having that said I don't expect villain to notice / know that or think like this.

    On the other hand we have a tone of backdoor flushes which we can value bet the river with AND IS VERY DIFFICULT FOR US TO SHOW A PURE BLUFF ESPECIALLY ON THIS CARD... That is, it is very difficult for Villain to expect us bluffing at this spot which make his bluff catching range feel uncomfortable (i.e. TT does not have an easy check / call).
  • asimos


    *26.05: In that aspect my analysis during live play is not accurate (we can rep a lot of strength on this river... the spirit is that we shouldn't care about what we rep, villain won't hand read good enough or take notes if we are over bluffing this spot)
  • asimos


    36:00: I think playing exploitably is the way to go in micro stakes.
    Having that said folding 100% of your range vs flop raise is too optimistic to be real as a read.... And if you fold AJ here you fold AK too = you fold close to 100%. That way of thinking might lead you in a too nitty / weak tight style of play. Actually regs at micro stakes have a little of both (leveling a lot in one hand when they shouldn't, over adapting on the other hand in wrong spots).
  • JumperJ


    nice vid
  • ButcherPudge


  • piR


    nice vid, for the AJs hand I understand folding it out of question because then you need to fold AK as well (to weak). but is shoving better than call ? IMO if you shove : all flushdraw call with 50% equity (if i m not mistaken). so is it not better to shove turn (if flush miss) and call flop.
  • piR


    my understanding is that you shove for value (better hand never fold here right ?)