Becoming Omaha Hero - Know When To Hold'em And When To Fold'em (1)

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From zero to hero, become Omaha hero! This is the first instalment of a new series by Kyyberi from which you will learn the basics - when to fold your hand and when to fight for the pot.


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  • sutiplay


    Hi Kyyberi! I'm following you at your YouTube for a while and I didn't realize you were a pokerstrategy teacher... very good news for me!!
    I am very curious about PLO I think It has many potential, for those like me that know about Holdem but little about PLO, could you explain in some video type of hands to raise first in every possition as well as which type of hand you use to 3bet?

    thanks dude!
  • Kyyberi


    @2: We actually have those kind of videos already, made by Lechrumski:
  • dizzydanny


    thx for advice
  • sutiplay


    Thanks Kyyberi!
  • fran8n8n


    Good video !
  • bela323


    Good video !
  • RoManZ


    Hi, awesome video. I have a big concern about something :
    around 17:15 - you assume his continuation range is all the sets+ , flushes, etc... But did you deduce (at least some) combinations of those because he will actually 3 bet a decent part of that on the flop ! Like the combo draws, most of the time his sets. So not that much left on the turn when you think about it.
  • Kyyberi


    @8, in this video we don't really go too deep to the numbers as we don't have any specific opponent in mind. Some players raise nfd on the flop and some just call. Also some people raise any set, some people just call and see the turn. Now we don't have any information about opponent's tendencies so thing are kept pretty simple.

    Of course if we take it one step further, we will estimate his re-raise range too.
  • msp3101


    Thanks. Will be using this advice.
  • Pannekoekk86


    omaha what a amazing game. First i need to make up my Holdem play
  • MGF001


    Very good content. Keep it up!