NL600 & NL1000 Session - All Hands Reviewed

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $600 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Our expert reviews the whole session he played on $3/6 and $5/10 stakes a while ago. Enjoy!


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Comments (13)

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  • xdimax


    Really nice one. Thanks for the video.
    I like your session reviews and quiz videos.
    Hope to see more soon of this type.Maybe some advanced stuff like
    SB limping strategy or something that applies to NL400+
    By the way, who said that PS community is not interested in PLO content? ;)
    I'd really like to see some :)


    excellent video
  • Zolotarsp


    40:30 Ah8h hand:
    What's the plan vs x-r? Jamming seems fine of course; but what happens to our bet/calling range if we ship most of the good hands and best draws? Or can we get away with not calling anything?
  • Zolotarsp


    Regarding content suggestions, I personally always loved prerecorded session reviews. This way viewers can get a feeling of live action, and there's an opportunity to pause and take plenty of time with interesting spots.

    Or may be even a student's video review.
  • Waaaghboss


    Isn't checking better because
    1) we have sd value against AQ
    2) we arent bottom of range
  • JohnDoe1313


    Thanks a lot for your work, I hoped to see fancy stuff with nonstandart lines, but video still ended up very interesting and valueable. Would like to see your approach of analysing longer session let's say of 1k hands.
  • oblioo


    #3, I would tend to mostly call vs a raise here.
    #7, we could check but I went for an exploitative bluff for the reasons mentioned.

    everyone else thanks for the feedback :)
  • DaPlayazDaDon


    Yes yes yes nice man
  • GingerKid


    hi. Can you say some reasons why do you think that limping whole non fold range from SB is better than having raise and call range? I would usually raise strongest range and some low playable hands and call with high hands which dominate BB check range. If BB is raising too often sure we could check also value hands.
  • GingerKid


    21:30 hand 6c5h. You say on river you bluff because it has no showdown value. I don't agree with that, imo we should observe how much FE your hand vs this player (fish). On such board, I don't see how you can have enough FE vs fish, also I don't see the point of trying to rep Jx for value, would you really bet Jx for value in this spot, also does fish care about what you rep when seeing good pot odds? Imo if you should think about repping some value range, I think that it should be flushes, so you should overbet (still not vs fish but maybe vs reg).
  • GingerKid


    22:30 KdJd, why don't you bet pot size at least vs fish on so drawy board? What do you think that fish is folding vs pot size in comparison to your bet size? I think that the difference in EV should be significant.
  • oblioo


    #11: sb limping vids coming soon :)

    #12: Why do you think villain is a fish? They have pretty reggy stats (22/17 over 18 hands). Secondly, I would be barreling turn with a bunch of flush draws so it's difficult to rep flushes. I think if you are not bluffing with 6-hi otr something is probably wrong.

    #13 I think villain could fold some weak gutshots to a pot size bet but never fold to my size. You are right I could have gone slightly bigger though.
  • MatthiasPohl


    Very nice vidéo!