Uri Peleg Reviews Big Pots On NL500 Zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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In this special video, our NL expert reviews big pots from live hands on NL500 Zoom. Enjoy!


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Comments (17)

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  • lui69


    Seems to be very interesting.. But diamond status is required.. 😞
  • kacsa1st


    Finally my favourite coach is back :)
    Fck diamond status :(
  • GingerKid


    first hand. I don't think that on river Ax or Kx is a better bluff raise candidate than T6 because Ax and Kx should be a call on river, it has a great blocker vs villain bet range, so imo it is hard that raise would have higher EV than call. Tc6c blocks 66, A6, K6 which is great but it also blocks TJ, TQ and fd, so I think that blocker is not great for calling river also not for raising. I find his flop bet size ok. Even though the board favors BTN range, still he can have different bet size ranges, like big bet size for strong hands and min bet size for thin value hands (can bet also some strong hands so small like top 2 pairs, AA which blocks villain value range).
  • JohnDoe1313


    So happy to see a video from you!

    11:18 - could you elaborate why flatting A5s is bad there? BTN needs 29% equity to call and A5s has around 38% against polarised 4betting range (considering something like JJ+,AK, A9s-A8s, K9s, 50% of AJo and KQo), so he needs to realise around 80% of his equity, which doesn't appear too pesimistic to me.
  • JohnDoe1313


    This was awesome. Your stuff has always been interesting, learnfull and fun to watch, doesn't matter what format you're up to. Thanks a lot, hope to see more.
  • GingerKid


    #6 yes yes
  • spicykamut


    good video
  • wil123


    Very good the video, it adds a lot in my learning, excellent analysis, I will continue always watching the videos ... GL
  • IronPumper


    Agree with having there a 2-size-gameplan on the flop, but in theory Kx and Ax are despite being also call-candidates, the way better candidates to bluffraise there. I think highest frequency-play with those ones is call and lower%-Play Raise all in.
    His hand is pretty bad to have in his raise-range all in - mainly due to not having solid blocker-effects.
    Like look again at the blocker-effects you have listed and you should realize by then that A6s, 66, k6s all does not x/r flop.
    If the board would be AcKc3s, then some 3cXc-hands would be good candidates, I would assume.
    But not so here imho.
  • GingerKid


    #10 Hi. Why do you think that Ax has way better raise EV than call EV? It blocks 2 pair and better top pair hands when calling, blocks some of bluffs as well but only small % of range so the blocker is great. When raising, we block 2 pair hands which defend vs raise, and we block some top pair hands that would fold vs raise (so we block good amount of raise / call range but we also block good amount of raise/fold range) which still might make a solid blocker, but I can't see how can it be that raise EV is better than call EV assuming that villain defends unexploitable vs raise and has unexploitable bluff frequencies?
  • IronPumper


    I have never stated raise is better EV/
    It is just that depending on the Ax-combo both are +ev, and in terms of balancing out your value-raise-range, you just need to add in theory in some % +ev-raise, which is Ax and not T6s there...

    Depending on the opponent and if you seek for balance or not, you also can call 100% and basically have only a valueraise-range, potentially.
  • GingerKid


    OK. Vs which opponent do you think that balancing raising and calling Ax some % (as you said) is the right way? I don't see why would we need to balance that even from GTO perspective, since it is in both cases just the bluff, and I don't see how could opponent exploit us if we would simply call Ax combos 100% of time, never bluff raise any Ax, but bluff other combos that have good blockers (assuming we choose unexploitable bluff frequences). I see a need for sometimes e.g. raising sometimes calling e.g. on Flop or Turn value hands which would be max EV play from gto perspective, but I don't see a point in balancing which bluff combos we use on river.
  • sirrybob


    Hi guys, answers to both questions would be a bit long, so I'll give kind of short answers:
    GingerKid: What Ironpumper said is 100% correct, and Ax is a 0ev call on the river not a +ev call.
    JohnDoe1313: realizing equity against a range that is so nutted is pretty difficult, esp with stacksizes as they are and position meaning less, I think 80% is optimistic but it's probably close and not an important decision.
  • IronPumper


    thx for replying^^

    In short @ Ginger:
    Villain might for instance exploit you by never paying out your value_raise-range, if you do not bluff in some % slight+ev (more or less 0EV)-Bluffcombos, bu always call them).
    Here you also need to note that you cannot say ''ok, then I just bluffraise other combos", since ''other'' (especially your mentioned one) combos are here noght slight+ev / ~0EV-Bluffraises, but -ev_Bluffraises - so it makes no sense to choose them.
  • GingerKid


    #15 ok agree, good argument and explanation, thanks.
  • IronPumper


    welcome and np.
  • molderz


    Damn.. high stakes and nice coach.. shame diamond :/