PLO $120 Hi-Lo Final Table Session Review

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $100
  • Fullring
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Playing on room Poker Tribuncaesar brings you this PLO High/Low $120 MTT. He jumps in to the action right on the final table and gives advice on what kind of hand you need to play in this situation. He also offers advice on the best way to progress especially with a small stack size.


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Comments (7)

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  • deBrasil


    others gold members... only 4 min available??? or just me having this problem?
  • schnup07


    i can see the whole video
  • fashionace


    great vid ty
  • NotNever


    26:38 He's already had flush, and you needed to get lucky actually - 3:2 for him. Not surprisingly even something like a3bb is ahead! I gues call could be ok, without having a fullhouse on turn and facing pot size bet - fold.

    30:30 The thing is, that if you loose the money, you wont get them back as easily as in holdem, so if ya know that you are well behind - izi fold. I may be wrong though.

    35:50 2/3 (or 1/2 pot size bet) you just enabled him to bluff you off on turn.

    I maight not be a specialist, but still some of the hands were played totally crazy.
  • AndrewFTP


    I can not play I go all in.....
  • zk0235qw


    i guess the purpose of this vid is to show how soft mtt hilo tournament are on pp network and maybe on top of that how not to play hilo omaha.
  • buddhalassie


    one big lol