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The Nose playing on roomPoker with this session review. Talking about bubble abuse and heads up play, taking into account the hands in the later stages of the games.


bubble Live Video

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  • bubenkov


    20:51, why it is enough to have 34% wit 99, if pot odds are bad?
  • runetubAAonly


    plz dude, you need to drink like 2 liters of water EVERY day :)!
  • khlaus


    great vid , thanks
  • amayaner


    Well, at minute 12:00 his call is just horrible. The Diff is -3.17% and the graph is never is the plus zone. The graph ranges from - 13% to -3%. This call is just stupid. And your push is good as long as he's just calling less than 35%, which he does not. T9s is a 38,5% range.
  • amayaner


    At minute 27:35 there you click fold prior to action with 46o in the SB, which is a clear mistake at the bubble. The short BB has to call 50% of hands to make this push break even, and noone calls 50% there (except the bozo from TR earlier ;-)

    You don't get first in anyway, but you see your cards and you instantly click "fold".
  • LukeyLove


    Interesting viewing, definitely learnt about bubble-play and how amazingly aggressive some players are! Especially interesting for me as I play the same platform/limits!
  • gurdiel


    nice video, really useful!!!
  • denetomtom


    Great vid, found it very useful and learnt I need to be more aggressive during bubble play.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    @1 the pot odds are 2:1 which means you've got to win 1 in 3 times (have 33% equity in the pot) to be break even.
    If that's not true someone correct me.

    I like the video, but it stopped like 4-6 times and I had to refresh the page to be able to continue to watch it. And even that didn't work every time.