Isolation with SSS - Part 3/3

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In the final part of the series, Xarry2 talks about isolation raises against two opponents and about isolation raises with speculative hands.


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  • ViperX1


    отличная серия вышла
  • PonochkaA


    Да еще бы превели
  • gover1980


    very good video xarry!thx)
  • gover1980


    when next?
  • huty


  • gosu1


    у россиян проблемы с английским?
  • NGS


    Эх.... жаль что с инглишом не дружу но видемо обьясняет хорошо ! :) может перевод сделают
  • kiryxa


    Отличное видео, много интересного
  • Mythoughts


    Thanks for this video, was quite interesting again.

    One note tho: A6o hand which you consider pushing @ 31:15
    You're calculating with 12$ deadmoney while there is actually 22$ (limper's call). Might become a +EV push by that.
  • Shinersen


    this is second part.. ?
  • PRPN80


    great video \ Отличное видео

    What kind of formula do have in Excel? where we can get them? \ А что у него за формулы в Экселе? где бы такие раздобыть...

    How is possible to use all this stuff when you play several tables?!?! только у меня вопрос как это все использовать когда играешь несколько столов?!?!? и так не всегда успеваешь посмотреть в эквиляторе даже
  • xarry2


    well, sorry for the confusion. there is one theory video and 2 practice videos with hand samples. all 3 belong to the series, so its correctly part 3/3.
  • xarry2


    Hi Mythoughts!

    I think the way I determine the EV may be confusing. If you take a close look at the formula I use you see that the field "deadmoney" just appears in the part which descirbes what I can win if the limper calls. I count the effective stack + deadmoney, and since the 1BB limp is already included in the eff. stack I just count the remaining SB+BB-rake.
    I hope this was instructive enough :) if not just ask again.

    best regards,
  • biij


    thanks xarry, I like very much all of yours videos
  • Mythoughts


    I assumed that the deadmoney is interesting because of the money we can win if our villain folds to our raise.

    Havent had the time to calculate it myself yet, but I believe the formula might have a small flaw if it doesnt take all the money into account we might win without a viallain's call.
  • xarry2


    the deadmoney is very interesting indeed. as far as I can see it is included. just take a look at the calculation again and you'll see that the SB, the BB and the limp are included in the formula when the limper folds.
    EV = Pot*Foldequity + ...
    pot is 25$ and there the limp is included. effective deadmoney is however just 12$ (in case the limper calls our push) which you can find in the (eff. stack+deadmoney)*... expression

    its best if you calculate it as well in your own way, so we can compare and see wether there's a difference or not.

    best regards,
  • Mythoughts


    I was blind and completely missed the "pot"-variable. Your calculation is indeed correct: my bad.

    Kind regards,
  • infiK


    Thanks Xarry, very interesting video, took a lot from it. Are you planning to make some more videos in the near future? Would bу very nice to see your vision of the advanced SSS on the high limits.
  • Blackjed


    thx, useful
  • dejavuh


    The link it's wrong. It corresponds to the 2nd part of "Isolation raise with SSS".
  • scattygamer


    вод просто супер.

    PRPN80, у меня есть табличка ета.
  • 013paul


    Thanks xarry2, this series were a nice addition to the strategy article for me!

    One thing I didn't understand in part 3 was the QTs isolation raise after 7 minutes. QTs is not the strongest value hand and you already have 2 opponents in the hand and the BB is quite loose (which you didn't mention). Can you explain this hand further?
  • Gerv


    QTs crushed de limping range van beide Villains. Verder combineerd Xarry zijn postflop FEQ met zijn PSB shove wanneer iemand limp/called.

    BB is loose passive dus kan het zijn dat ie coldcalled maar met een range waarin QTs meestal andere handen dominate like Q9s, JT, T9

    Ikzelf zou gewoon meegelimpt hebben door de stacksize en positie