Is it profitale/easier to play weaker hands at micro level?

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      is it better to play just 66+ and AJ, AQ, AK, KQ or should I play 67s+, AXs, and even suited 2 gappers and weak hands to try to get a ig hand because i found that i dont win much money with big hands and often get sucked out but when i play weaker hands it is easier to fold to raises etc if you dont hit so has anyone found playing weaker hands at micro profitale or should I just keep waiting for ig hands?
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    • DoigteurFou
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      It really depends on your opponents. On some tables where people only limp preflop, if they raise it's 2BB, 3bet is 4BB and really rare, and you allways get 5 callers when you raise to BB, then hands like KQ or AJ really doesn't do it. Playing A2s will win you much more money than KQ. I personnally tend to limp much more speculative hands than into normal play, and just playing the odds. Don't raise hands that will be hard to play postflop against several opponents that you can't get away from the pot with a continuation bet if they have a gutshot or stuff, such as KJ or AT, or even 22-88, because even if in theory in is profitable to play them, you will never be able to know where you stand, and thus never able to make correct value bets or pot control. Pots will also get so big with 3 players following your bets that your top pair good kicker with KQ will need to be played all-in if you want to protect them, which is of course not to be done because the hand is weak, especially against several opponents, which were given the odds to follow their draws thanks to their massive calls. Instead I limp in position suited connectors, gaped suited connectors, pockets, and good king and queens suited (K9s+, Q8s+) when there are already a few limpers, and only play for the nuts. It is of course not real poker, no bluff, no move, just your cards and the odds, but it is the most profitable way to play I found (I got from 10BB/100hands up to 40BB/100hands thanks to this, however the sample is a little bit too small so be really sure that 40BB/100 is really my winrate (3k hands since I started to play passive poker at NL4 full ring tables).

      I should also add that it is not really a good idea to add worse hands to your range for those limits against normal players (fishes), because playing worse hands means that your range will have a smaller edge against theirs, and so you will need to have good handreading skills to be able to take the most money out of them (to be able to get away from cases where your top pair is dominated...Etc...). The main problem is that you most of the time can't bluff them effectively, because even if you know their hand and you know what they should do in a given situation, they will not know. They can even in the same situation that occurs 3 times opt once for a fold, once for a call, and once for a raise, without knowing why. As long as you can't predict what your opponent will do in a given situation, then you have no interest into playing hands that will sometimes win money, and sometimes lose some. Just play your good hands, because people with 80 VPIP, 10PFR and 0,8AF are really bad and don't know why they choose this or that line of play, and their range is sooo wide, you just can't read them, and even if you manage to you will just not be able to do anything to win more money with that information because thay are not predictable (except maybe that you will make good laydowns). Unless your opponent has a logic behind his moves, you just can't really loosen up your game to win more pots if you never did it before. With experience it is of course EV+ to do so (even if the variance associated with that kind of play will also increase), however I don't think that as a micro-limit player you have that experience. If you ask the question, it's of course that you don't have it.
      You should simply learn to play ABC poker, and slowly, against opponents that you will know well you will try to adapt some small aspects of your play against them (could it be your range, aggressivity, balancing between lines...etc...), and you will slowly gain that experience by doing so. But willing to play weaker hands just because "your style doesn't win enough" is not a good idea, because you will play a style that is not your one, and doing so you will make a lot of mistakes that will surely cost more money than the money you should win if you had experience. Just be patient, play, analyze your play, try to find where are the leaks of each opponent your are playing, and try to make use of them. And with time you will more and more understand what you are doing in a given situation, learn to read correctly the ranges of your opponents, be able to adapt correctly and easlily your play to different situations, and by that time you will not need any longer to ask other people what you should do. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't exchange ideas of your play with them, posting hands and explaining the reasoning behind your line, and reading carefully to the answers given (which will be given by a player which have a slightly different approach to the game). This will help you see each situation on different point of views, help you to widen your understanding of poker, and help you when you will try to adapt directly at the table because you will have more and more concepts in mind that you can make use of.
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      i think at micro limits you should be tight, as i am, i have like 16% vpip per session, play 22+ from any position, Axs is really not that indicated because you hit the flush rearely and if you hit an ace you dont know where you stand bcuz your kicked maybe to low, increase your hand rage from CO and BU, play mostly AJ+ from utg etc etc because you will get payd when you hit so tight is right ^^ :P