need a proffesional opion.

    • godders248
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      If your playing SNG and you expect to be in itm 40% to be a profitable player what are your expectations on ROI because i was thinking on a sample of 100 games i no its small but your ITM 40% your roi should be around 20-30% as if you had an ROI of 15% and it cost you 200 in buy ins you only make 230 !! which the math does not add up on an average of £3 on every game.
      If someone could explian i been at the pub and had a few but its been playing on the mind !!!

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    • jass1960
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      I am not a proffesional or a professional...... :D

      but I always calculate my ROI after rake. So if I play 100, $4 + 40c games - my investment is $440.

      My ROI is about 25% - so expected profit is $110 per 100 games.

      I don't really bother with the ITM stat because these are MTSNG and there is no 'real money' til FT and even then top 5 is the place to aim for.


      Jass :D