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Peak performance poker with TLN

    • TheLastNail
      Joined: 30.05.2008 Posts: 6,038

      hello whole community,

      so here it is, my new blog, and i can bet on it, this will be the last one as well for the entirety of my poker carreer. (esp here tho) I am entering a very special phase of my life, both professionaly and personally..

      But let's start from the beginning, firstly why am I writing here?

      It's obv a big deal to be writing a blog esp a public one, i got to know that many of my RL friends were following it, which i honestly didn't expect that much. I thought nobody rly cared coz nobody rly talked to me anyway and i am not very active in Slovak poker forums. But the thing is it deffo messes up my personal life somewhat, unknown ppl know prolly a lot more abt me than they rly should and it can have negative impacts ofc. However, I pondered abt the whole thing for a while, u might have seen me being quite less active in the last few weeks, I rly wasn't sure how to proceed till I ultimately got to feel that this is pretty much the only poker community I rly got attached to and is just way too important for me to keep contact with :f_love: :f_thumbsup: The amount of positive feedback I got is just unrivalled by anything I got anywhere else and obv I want to give sth back as well (from what i was taking in the past)

      What should u expect from this blog?

      Well, well, well.. hopefully a lot of quality stuff :) . Some insights from the life of a poker pro (i deffo consider myself a big online specialist, but i am starting playing more live as well and I deffo want to travel around for few EPTs / WPTs and such so there will be various reports from the pokerworld as well as just: yeeeea! awkward real life stories! :D Who wants the next part of TLN vs realworld?! :s_smile: Firstly, the last blog which i was involved in more actively Bratislava pokerflat was a bit of a fail i d say. There was never any konsenzus betw Ivan and me of how we want to be keeping it more interesting as well as the initial goals of the pokerflat were a big big fail too. I don't rly want to talk abt it that much coz that would be an essay on its own. The key thing here is just that: I am positive, I am looking forward, and I will make this blog a lot more structurized as well as interesting as well as interactive. At least I will try, that i can promise.


      let's get into the core of things a bit:


      Who am I?

      I am TLN.. I am nailing, u know :D .. so, I am dangerous.. obviously :)

      Some ppl would use adjectives such as "weird" or "socially awkward" more often I 'd bet.



      Yea, anyway, but I 've shaved now, also having my hair cut every week.

      The latest pic:

      Allright, so I play NL600-2k now, mostly SH, but also HU somewhat (more or less still starting). I am a "pro" now for almost exactly 2 years. First year I played exclusively FR, then i needed switch, last year I played almost exclusively SH. The big debate echoing in my poker life ofc was:

      Choose ur destiny:




      ... yea...

      u can guess..




      very briefly (in further posts more): I got rly rly sickly demotivated by any amount of money I would earn monthly / quarterly or such. I am just too much of a gamer i guess. I need to feel the challenge, otherwise I just cannot force myself to anything. And earning money for the future generations of my family is not exactly what I can visualize so well to be thrilled abt doing right now (tho this also doesnt mean I will just gamble it up HU 4 rollz or sth (Isildur-fubar :) )). Ok, so: I was never before coached, I never before took poker super sportwise seriously. I did decent amount of analysis (ofc i could have done a ton a ton a ton more - which i still plan on doing), but I never rly DESIRED TO CRUSH BONES. Till abt last period of time, when I rly recognized I cannot play poker at all anymore without having that internal drive. I offered a HU challenge in Slovakia without haveing literally ANY HU exp :) - i just wanted to test myself and improve. Ofc I practised and then won quickly vs 1 HU SnG specialist the first challenge (he resigned after just 3.3k hands of me being 4.5k up on NL1k and a sidebet of 10k) and now i offered my 20k :P .. well.. no action for almost a month now. I might offer 3:1 but that's not important- the important thing here is: what drives me further is the CHALLENGE.. i was a lot around ppl who had money-orientated mindset and ofc it's nice and all that, but it ain't work for me that way. It's just not me... I need to feel I am alive by putting myself up there and trying to push my limits, exploring my full potential in the game.

      So I took on a coach now, a performance coach, Travis Steffen, u might have heard abt him, he is well know for Shuffle and Flow mindset series on DC as well as an author of a revolutionary Peak performance poker. This series and the book totally changed my perspective on poker and life! I got into best physical shape of my life within last 3months (i am running a halfmarathon in 1month and i am positive i ll run it with a relative ease, except if my knee joints, which i have probs with, srsly resign on me). I never before felt so agile, active and just altogether potent. Yet, my struggles with getting to play my poker sessions havent rly solved. I felt repeatedly demotivated - prolly the most proper word would even be BORED, even though i have been winning still (tho running rly terrible for 5 months in a row) fairly decent i lost just rly missed the JOY of playing.

      This blog is therefore esp for the beginning mostly going to be abt me trying to get back on the track of being serious. Anyhow selfconfidently the upper paragraphs may have appear to be, I am fully aware of my shortcomings before i can be a worldclass player as well as I am afraid I might not be mentally strong enough to ever get into that mode.

      But this is the ultimate try, let's see, I just threw a serious battle axe.

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    • Joenaes
      Joined: 18.07.2008 Posts: 4,137

      Gl :f_love:
    • ZhiCheng
      Joined: 04.10.2008 Posts: 2,294
      This is gonna be pretty damn good blog imo!

      so looking forw to checking it out everyday.. :f_love:
    • supeyrio
      Joined: 11.11.2009 Posts: 3,106
      on my regular read list
    • JuiceQuadre
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 2,688
      nice one sir! will follow for sure =) good luck

      funny how first posts are from ppl from Asia.. yea its noon here :D
    • TheLastNail
      Joined: 30.05.2008 Posts: 6,038
      the goals for this week 21.2-27.2.2011:


      1, do all my homework assignments i was given by Travis and reflect deep on it! (i rly cannot talk too much abt it, i agreed upon the "unbreakable secret rules" but what i think i could say is: I will be mapping my own self as a player every day from now on by keeping a journal.. there are deep more specific issues i should be concentrating on this week and i know also myself i need to keep this to myself to be able to fully disect the entirety of it.

      2, get back into playing srsly, get used to my normal "flow" again (this would mostly mean i ll play fairly little 2k if at all, but will try most of NL1k - for the short future am deffo thinking abt stopping playing NL600 altogether coz it's likely not good for my longrun progress)

      3, 21k+ hands (this would around equal my PB for SH games in a week, prolly the abs max for these lims- there is rly not all that much action on NL1k+ on some platforms.. + the thing abt the number 21: i got the nicest bet u can imagine on it :) - i will get hugged if i do it - it's a girl, and no, it's not my mother. :) and no, no more info abt this for now :f_love: :P )

      4, play every day WPT Bratislava quali until i qualify (if i dont qualify i still BI directly, but it would be kinda lamish :( )

      5, mon-fri: at least 2h/day analysis + play (mon completed), sat/sun: just play a lot

      6, get ready for all my coachings and prepare more documents as homeworks - damn! i rly need this! i should do at least 2 word documents of thing i have on paper to be able to hand out.

      physical shape:

      my standard for last few weeks: 2x gym, 2x swimming + sauna, 3x running - abt running - its rly cold now in here, i wanted to push it more towards 40min-60min runs, but i think i ll stay by my usual 20-30mins depending on how i feel due to cold and my knees. I also do stretching / light home workout for abt 30mins abt every second day.. i think i d like a bit more muscles, but.. hmm, but then again, i dont want to be heavy coz i want to primarily stay fit and have endurance

      other life:

      1, various daily errands (shopping (need to buy a new smallest possible mp3 plr this week as well as new running shoes and few new bulbs and a new webcam + mic coz i have few probs w my current ones.

      2, snowboarding if Opal comes, we should go somewhere for 1-2 days, but be back in the evening ofc to play. Yea, tho hopefully it ll be fun, want to enjoy it deffo.

      3, i am re-reading now PPP from Travis now, so wanna finish that, as well as "Money and your brain" - a nice book abt psychological effects of handling w money on ppl. When i finish PPP, i will start reading "Authentical happiness- some other psychological book i got to somehow and knew was interesting, just never rly got into that.

      4, train chess for the total time of 2h: (most prolly 30mins*4) i regged at 1 training site and will be esp just practising tactics now for at least 2 weeks. I am coming back to active chess, most likely playing my 1st comeback rated game in april. No specific goal for this year, just try to enjoy it, have another nice mental challenge. I ll try to get a coach if i get into the rhythm again and will deffo take it at least somewhat seriously.

      y, that's abt it


      it's pokah time baby!
    • Alverine
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      Lets see this guy crushes every online player
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      gl :heart: we're stil here for ya :D
    • vonki
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      will def follow as usual :]
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      Will be epic blog :s_cool: Following :D
    • Dublimax
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 2,233
      gl will follow your progress!
    • neelton
      Joined: 08.12.2008 Posts: 664

      Kick some booty!
    • TheLastNail
      Joined: 30.05.2008 Posts: 6,038
      alright, 2 perfect days time management wise behind me. did esentially everything i wanted to, so deffo content.

      Here are several points to document this small, yet important first step to my hopefully ultimately BIG change:

      1, First time in about a half year that I ve actually played either on monday/tuesday. (i played both of the days now- tho just "warming up" - have now 2.5k hands - quality of my game I d say is B sofar, I made some quite silly mistakes esp PF when I just played a bit too agro (overoptimism ftw) I NEVER play during beginnings of the week - 1stly: traffic on my lims is rly bad esp after the weekend when weaker plrs go to work.. :) 2ndly: If i do play during weekends, I am alw so tired I just need a mental rest, so I do sports instead.

      2, I had the most exhausting swimming + sauna workout in my life prolly, on monday. I usually swim much more breastroke than i do freestyle. I usually have this routine in 25m pool: 10lengths of (2breast+2free)*5 as a warm up - slow pace. And then 3x 10 more lengths of mediocre pace, starting 2free+8breast, usually i "sprint" in last 2-4 if i feel strong. In between I go either to jacuzzi or a hot water pool, where i do series of excercises- esp on my legs.. then after ~10mins i alw go to this cold water (10C) and put myself in there completely for some 30secs .. Ok, this monday tho: I felt rly tired physically, I prolly slept too little or sth, I just wasn't at all in the mood to swim, so i was just in the pool with hotter water doing some random excercises when I suddenly came to think that rly from this week, my life is going to be special and I totally pushed myself to go to the swimming pool. Now i did my firt part of the routine. And then went for the second one. Starting my last length I ve noticed a swimmer (he was a bit older, prolly ~50yo judging by his greyish hair, but he had a very athletic body and a good technique) next line to mine which was at first quite a bit ahead but ofc i had to overtake him before the end of the length. :P So I pulled out a massive sprint till the end, but then suddenly I didn't want to look as a silly little child trying to compete w an unknown, so I "had" to continue on swimming, right? Now, what happened was that after some of my ~5 more lengths he took a length off and then we were just opposite eachother. Yea, my next goal was to overtake him another time, altough I was already quite tired coz during all that time as I was trying to put more distance between us (didn't know ofc that he took a rest until i saw him after I was still swimming just this breastroke, while he was doing freestlyle, which is generally ofc a bit quicker) so that he would "think" that the time I outsprinted him was not on purpose.. :D simply a sick levelling war :f_cool:
      I lost any counting coz I was rly rly trying hard to just focus on technique and power, but in ~10 more lengths I managed to get to him. Now after exactly 4 more lengths after i overtook him this time I rly wanted to take a break coz it felt like the most innocently looking time for me to finish so that he wouldn't think i was rly competing w him. But what he did, cunning little bastard, he speeded up and overtook me back! :O wtf.. Now this started to be personal! The game was on, coz I now rly suspected he just wants to take his revenge :) .. In the end we were swimming literally side by side for abt next 5 lengths more till he finally couldn't take it anymore and I won!!! weeee, partytime :D Yea, I did 4 more so that it still wouln't look suspicious and after i touched the end of the pool, I INSTANTLY jumped out of the pool so that he wouldn't have the slightest opportunity to start any other rematches ;)
      I was totally depleted. During the whole swim I took 2 full gulps of water (fortunately was able to "drink" it) .. I NEVER put so many lengths in such a speed on 1 take, but then i still had sauna before me.

      That was just pure wreckening. I read somewhere a longer time ago, that for more experienced users, it does well to do the finnish hot sauna like this: (10min sauna, then 30secs in 10C cool water and repeat 2 more times with no breaks inbetween, just drink ofc.) Wow.. I didn't manage the end, I had to stop ~7th min during the 3rd orbit coz I just felt like fainting rly.. but anyway, what doesnt kill me, likely makes me stronger right?! :P

      3, my phone today ran out of battery during i was sleeping (using it as my alarm clock), yet, I was so pumped up for the day, I got up just after 5h (considering what i did on monday) of sleep even without it, and without feeling anyhow tired for the whole of today I was able to put a lot of effort into my gym workout as well. yeeehaa. :heart: my life.

      Today, as well as yesterday i analysed for abt 2h, which was fine. I rly rly need to study midstacking strategy seriously now, will prolly watch all of vids available on this topic this week, as well as: i ve defined another serious "leak" in my game: playing against ppl i personally know. Yea, it's rly unpleasant to have friends on ur tab, but what can i do?! I just must join these tabs and play em, no matter who is there. Actually, as I have some information on these ppl, they have as well, so ofc we will be abusing / metagaming eachother a lot.. but that's the spirit of the game- everyone for himself. Need to think more abt how to not feel emotionally attached to these situations and just focus how i can at all times play my best.

      Tomorrow going to swim and sauna again, weeeha, now i try the sauna killer again.. if i dont update soon, i am most likely in a hospital.. :)

      For next update i will share some youtube vids which help me being motivated in between sessions and also i decided to start posting few hands here and there.. just the abs most interesting. I had some funny lately :) :f_love:

      1 motivating slogan for today:
      "To get peak performacne out of you, you have to step out of your comfort zone."

    • Skeat
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      Originally posted by TheLastNail
      need to buy a new smallest possible mp3 plr this week
      Smallest I know of:
    • Yoghi
      Joined: 10.09.2007 Posts: 14,387
      I always hate playing vs people I know aswell, somehow my brain semi-freezes and I never play my best. I am usually a level ahead of my opponents, but against people I know I just keep on getting owned :(

      Nice story about the swimming ;)
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      LOL... omg ur levelling urself so much with the old swimming fellow and he probly has no idea what's going on :D so funny. well probly at the end he's like, i think that crazy guy is racing me! :f_biggrin:
    • mrkaktus
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 69
      lol at your swimming competition. but anyway nice posts :) I like your attitude :)
    • Dublimax
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 2,233
      Originally posted by TheLastNail
      need to buy a new smallest possible mp3 plr this week
      Have you ever thought of a waterproof mp3 for your leveling war in the swimming pool? Next time with some good music you can do the same with a guy in his mid 20s!
    • TheLastNail
      Joined: 30.05.2008 Posts: 6,038
      hey guys,

      yea, so i made it today w the sauna! :spade:

      now going to play, just wanted to thank for all the initial encouraging words to the blog actually and also the latest links:

      that nanoipod as well as the waterproof mp3 - on my to-buy list now! thx guys! I was even like: wtf, why didn't i think sooner abt music during swimming - such an impact thing for me, gotta get it. Hope it can retain it's position on the goggles and wouldn't be falling away. Any exp anyone?

      also abt playing vs friends: the sick thing is they completely block my options, sometimes 1 would even sit on all tabs of my limit - what can i do then?! Even yestrday the exact thing happened.. just have to face it. Bros bloodshed- it was eventually going to happen anyway.

      btw: the bluefire documentary abt online poker - :s_thumbsup: Deffo recommend to watch as well as link it to some of ur friends u care abt as to understand professional online poker more..
    • TwiceT
      Joined: 15.07.2007 Posts: 4,796
      Originally posted by Dublimax
      Originally posted by TheLastNail
      need to buy a new smallest possible mp3 plr this week
      Have you ever thought of a waterproof mp3 for your leveling war in the swimming pool? Next time with some good music you can do the same with a guy in his mid 20s!

      muhhahaha, get this one sir, and pwn his soul again next time while listening to "eye of the tiger" :f_biggrin: