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Hy guys ! My name is smile or better said nickname ! My real name dosen t matter to much ! I`m playing poker for about 1 and a half years !Started after a friend told me about his succes with pokerstrategy and i thought "Why not ....let`s give it a try." For a while i played poker and cashed all my winnings.Before i started to play
poker i played wow,dota,counter-strike, etc experienced all the games from market.
So for the moment i cashed out all profits and i think when i play on other people money i play more focused and also atm i don`t have the bankroll i want to play my stakes.
So what the stake might look about : i want to play al the micro tournaments ranging from 1 up to 5.5$ maximum starting from 20:00 o`clock every night. Volume it`s not a problem as i can play every day.
My last stake consisted in 200$ given by my parents and after making about 700 i cashed them all out for personal needs.
Till now as a cash gamer i played up to 10cents blinds beeing on profit.
The deal must be for at least 2-3 weeks to cover the variance
as all of u might now mtt`s are heavy varianced.
Also in rl life have some friends who are succesfull in mtts and i can discus with them any time several spots ,several hands whatever i need they will help me with.

Here are my last "succesed trnmnt`s". Also crushed Fl games on party some time ago up to 25/50cents.

So we can talk about further more informations in private ! if u think i can be +ev for you don`t hesitate to contact me via community and then i can tell you my skype and talk there! And just so you know i do want to make something out of online poker, i prefer mtt's, and i gues atm a staking is my best chance of making something from poker, so at least consider of staking me, you wont be dissapointed

Thank you guys !