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[Application] Pieces of a live tournament batman*3 - Closed

    • batmanbatmanbatman
      Joined: 30.01.2009 Posts: 5,354
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.
      Disclaimer: "I read and accept the rules for the staking forum. I post in the staking forum as a private person. doesn't take any risk or responsibilty for my staking offers. By posting in this thread you acknowledge this."
      Feedback Thread


      I am moderator for PokerStrategy since mid-2009, Coach for NL FR BSS Basic and NL BSS SH Silver since December 2010, the initiator of Batman Team (you can find it in the Romanian Staking Forum, members iceridder, axeboy, shadow and scorilyalin). I also acted as staker in several deals: (Shady, mafy, takogenius, the latter in collaboration with olejik as a staker). All of them can provide very good feedback about my seriousness and some of them, as students, also about my skills.

      I participated in a qualifying tournament with a $1+ 1R+1A with a field of over 200 people for a live tournament package added to the first place. The event is held at Regent Casino, Bucharest. I have won it. The BI for the live tournament is 990E and it is a tournament which, from what I understand, allows only Romanian participants. The structure of the tournament resembles with the side-events of EPT: 15k starting stack, 50/100 starting blinds, slow increase, 40min blind levels(60 min for the last 18 players). It is a 3 day tournament and the day 1A, in which I start, is tomorrow.

      Now, 990E is a very large portion of my bankroll, which suffered a huge hit due to personal problems that occurred a few weeks ago. (There is a short news in Romanian section which announced that I will not be very present on the forum a while).

      Winning package may not be transferred. Since BRM is the first rule to be respected in poker and since I can not guarantee that variance is on my side I can not ignore the fact that I would be way outside BRM playing this tournament without staking. Therefore, this proposal:

      I sell 60% of the of the buy-in, in pieces of 2.5%. The odds are 1.1:1 for below top 5 and 1.2:1 if I enter top 5. I allowed myself to ask more than 1:1 simply because I did some research and discovered that in fact the tournament is far more fishy than I would normally expect. (I listened to the podcast which is organizing it, I read another poker forum, I sharkscoped participants who I know and talked to people who attend Regent Casino). The second reason is that my MTT game has grown tremendously in recent times, which I can prove by results:

      No. 9 (Final Table) from a field> 800 persons on 888poker PokerStrategy 10k depositors.
      4th place (bubble boy) in a field of over 150 people(I hope I remember well) in the freeroll PokerStrategy made on Bwin (for the first 3 the prize was a $200 ticket to a deepstack GSOP event).
      1st place on the second tournament exactly as the one previously mentioned.
      Position <800 of field 15K in Ultimate Home Game Freeroll
      Place 8 (Final Table) from ~ 500 in a $ 5+R tournament on Ladbrokes
      Place 6 (Final Table) from ~ 350 in a $5 freeze out tournament on Ladbrokes
      Place 38 of ~ 1200 in a 1:10 + R on BWIN
      Place 48 of ~ 1000 in a $5 freeze out on BWIN
      Place 39 of ~1500 in a 10$ + R(might have been a Mini GSOP) on Bwin
      Qualified in Anniversary Sunday Million through a $11.7 satellite

      All these results have occurred after mid-February, so basically during the last month. I know there are small BI tournament, this is because of the small BR that I have now and because my main focus before my 'break' was on HU SNGs (about that, you can follow the evolution of my blog). Also I spent a lot of time coaching.

      Basically I am selling 24 shares of 2.5% of BI, worth 24.75E each. If I win, you earn money back as follows:
      ITM place 6 + => (1/1.1) * (2.5% * Prize)
      Places 1-5 => (1/1.2) * (2.5% * Prize)
      ITM $3,000 on 11th place => 68.19E/share of 24.75
      ITM 1st with $ 20,000 => 416.67E/share of 24.75

      All shipments will be made via MoneyBookers.

      Since the tournament starts tomorrow at 13:00 GMT, this offer will be open only until tomorrow morning at 8:00 and all transfers must be made no later than tomorrow morning at 9:00. The reason I chose a value so small for the share is that I wanted as many shares as possible from the Romanian Community(I also posted the offer earlier there). Staking will take place regardless of the number of shares that are sold.


      Addition: from what I understand, the only tax is a entry in the casino 20Ron(0.5E). Obviously, I'll pay it. If however there are other fees imposed by the Romanian state, I will adjust the payout of shares proportionally. However the information I have is received directly from the tournament staff.

      PS: Some question asked&answered in the Romanian community:

      Q1: What is the reason for the markup on Top5?
      2 Reasons:
      Skill: I am very good at Heads Up (I think) which I proved with a relatively small sample, it is true, but with a very good ROI. By infering, I am better than many MTT players in 3-5 handed game.
      Psychological: It seems normal to me to have a "bonus" for the game at the Final Table because the Final Table as is more important than the rest of the tournament and i must have something that motivates me further.

      Q2: Please provide some usernames to check your performance.
      Ladbrokes: batlad
      Bwin: whinerisme (please remember that there is also minus the $200 deepstack tournament, in which I entered into a situation that really sucks: played three major tournaments at the same time (Sunday Million, this one and the 100k freeroll)
      Full Tilt batilt (here you should see the main reason of mark-up).

      At Full Tilt please observe the HU 8% ROI, over half are played 4+ tabling (you can ask anyone that is an impressive result, even with a good run and at $5.25) and 12% ROI in HU SNG 20 $ (where there are many regulars), and I am actually quite below EV, as I remember.

      In addition, the online results are well below what I know in reality because:
      1. live i take better advantage of fish (I think I came out with > +5 BI's on the table every last 7 to 10-game home, where it's full of fish).
      2. 90% of the time i am playing at home after 8 hours of work and before I was playing very often while talking on Skype
      3. any more than two tables decreases (for me) my winrate/roi with a really big %.

      Q3: You forgot to mention that the poker tournament will be played by the most famous Romanian players:( list of names, including Team PokerStars Toni Judet, HighStakes pro Liviu Ignat(0Human0) and others)!
      A3: If there are more than 30% regulars I would be surprised. The fishpool is big enough for me, even when obviously the ones you mentioned have a huge edge vs me!
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