Tell us your 2012 poker goals & you could win an iPad 2

    • KMMorten
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      Do you want to stop tilting in 2012? Do you want to crush $1/$2 NL? Do you want to learn PLO? Do you want a 4BB/100 win-rate? Do you want to cash in a Main Event?

      The new year is a time to set your goals for the upcoming year. Although we don't always reach our goals, it's important to set goals and measure your progress. Before we start off the new year, we want to hear your poker goals for 2012.

      Post your goals in this thread and we will raffle 3 iPad 2s to people who have submitted their goals.

      The deadline to submit your goal is December 31, so make sure you get it in before the new year. The raffle will be held in the first week of January and three lucky winners, all of whom had great goals, will be given a late Christmas present - an iPad 2 and their name published in the news.

      But wait, we're not giving away an iPad 2 to just anyone. Your goal needs to be insightful, entertaining or inspiring! So before you click "submit", make sure you give it some thought and really put forth your best effort.

      How do you stick to your goal when you have a bad run? How do you hang in there when the game is getting tougher? What has stopped you from sticking to your goals in the past? Why is this goal important to you? Can you think of a goal you achieved and how were you able to keep at it? Why do you think goals are important in poker?

      We don't just want a boring list of your poker goals, we want to hear your stories and aspirations so that we can learn from, support and inspire one another.

      For a full overview of the winter promotions, check out our Winter is Coming forum thread.

      Do you want to become the next Pius Heinz in 2012?
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    • Razorheart
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      Hi, I am Kjell (or Charlie for you forreigners) from Sweden.

      It would be easy for me to say that my goal for 2012 would be to qualify for a major live event, but then again, isn't that a goal that we all have in common?

      But if I am taking a look at my online play i can see that I am only a winning NL-player at one site, so that could be one goal for next year to improve in. But that is also one thing most of us have in common.

      But what really is sticking out in my online play is that I am actually a winning player in PLO8 tournaments.
      So I am setting a goal for myself for next year to not only cash in one, but actually final table a PLO8 side tournament at a major Live Event such as the EPT or WSOP.

      This is of course a bit of a shot, but it is an affordable shot. I will just have to concider as a vacation trip (financially).

      Hopefully, they will have a PLO8 side event in EPT Copenhagen like last year. If not, I will probably take a shot at a1500$ WSOP Hi/lo event.

    • Maloco87
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      im planning on 2012 to be good year in poker for myself

      Ive been playing poker from i was about 18, im now 24 and only really started taking it serious last October, I started reading poker magazines and joined some sites to play online as well as signing up to pokerstrategy after hearing about it from a friend.

      I have really learned a lot this past year and have improved my game so much, i am now thinking about things I never knew I had to and now feel quite comfortable at any poker table, dont get me wrong I still have a lot to learn but i am really enjoying the game.

      I started going outside my regular home to play in local live tourneys for £10 and £20 buy ins and was kind of nervous to begin with but the more I read and the more i played online and live I got a lot better and would regulary made final tables cashing in the process. I went to London in June and played in the Fox poker club and done ok, it also gave me a chance to play a wide range of players with different skill levels. I im looking forward to going back to London and playing again. I also currently play in a pub league and an sitting in first place with one week left to play before our final big game.

      I am hoping for poker to really take of for me in 2012 and come January I will be playing sats to the super poker event which will be held in Dubin in Feburary, I will also be going to play in the Student Masters which will also be held in Dublin in March. I am looking forward to playing in these live events as they will be my first experiences of a big live tourneys. My aim will be to at least cash at this events or maybe even making final tables but of course the dream is win and i will try my best.

      With regard to online poker I will deposit into 2 or 3 of my fav sites and try to just make a steady profit in cash games while hopfully cashing in a major or two along the way. I have not had much luck in my online play this past year. I feel i drifted away from the strategies i first learned on this site and have got tilted and bluffed off all my chips on numerus occassions!lol
      Come january i will be fresh and a ready to go again (after a lot of study of course!lol)
      To achieve my goals this year anytime i have in between studying and working will be spent playing online, studying poker and going over hands etc and of course playing as many live tourneys I can

      So to sum up I will be playing two big live tourneys at the start of the year while making a steady amount of cash in my online game and if all goes to plan the rest of the year will be very exciting with maybe getting onto the UKIPT circuit and who knows I may even have the bankroll to hit Vegas come June time!:-)

      Wish me Luck!
    • Saruniks
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      Hello. I was playing poker for 15 months allready. And I only started seriously 3months ago, where I started making every month more than I made in that year before that. I allready make more than it is Lithuania's minimum wage so I am really proud of it. And I am sure it is stable. (many people work for minimum in Lithuania).

      So goal in 2012 would be to improve as fast as I can. To reach as high limits as I can.

      What to work for? I am hoping I will be able to move to other cheap place to live. That would be dream, and yes 2012 could actualy become year of a dreams.

      I would like to move up to higher MTT limits. Have beter hourly. I don't really know my weaknesses, I hope I will find it and be even beter player.

      That's probably everything, I don't know how my poker goals would be different from other people. I don't really want to overlevel my skills. I am just a micro player and don't about reaching high stakes at all. But everything is possible...

      so all in all, I allready know most of the theory, I just need to play and play now. (Ofcourse never stop improving game) But now it will be year of working. I am especially concentrated on summer. I will make it. I will make more than minimum wage :f_biggrin:

      PS: Ok, I suck at this, english but I just want ipad
    • NightFrostaSS
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      My plan is to win lots of money so I could build a fortress and survive the zombie apocalypse.
    • Spungeh
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      I just want to be rich and famous.
    • Razorheart
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      Originally posted by NightFrostaSS
      My plan is to win lots of money so I could build a fortress and survive the zombie apocalypse.
      Congrats on your iPad :rage:
    • FingersMalone
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      Hi everyone,

      My poker goals for 2012:

      March 2012 - Bankroll for NL200, 6 Handed. (I'm currently at NL 50.)
      Dec 2012 - Bankroll for NL400. (The Feb part should be ok.... the December part remains to be seen)

      Increase MTT ROI from 36% to 40% (at an average stake of $32.) Again, given how much variance there is in MTT events, this could prove tricky. However, I don't think I'm re-stealing enough in the middle stage so I will look for spots and incorporate more reasoned aggression.

      Maintain my bb/100 rate achieved at 25NL at NL100. On a sample size of just 18.5k, it's 12.81 but I'm aware that the games will become more difficult. However, I can see leaks at NL25 that, if I address them, could mean that it is possible.

      One of those leaks is my play from middle position. Even factoring in a small sample size, it doesn't make sense that my win rate is half that of early position. I'm not playing suited connectors well enough and I'm only breaking even with tricky hands such as QTos. I hope to to address that. By Feb, my middle position win rate should be higher than early position.

      Increase my river aggression % from 22.5 to 30.

      Lower my loss in the BB from -21.24/100 to 20.

      Win the Survivor Promotion run by one of the rooms. (It's a last longer promo based on raking a daily minimum, which is not very high. It is 82 days in and there are still 39 of us left. It could run and run. +200 days is very likely.)

      Study for six hours a week.

      Start a Poker Strategy blog (I'll do that on 8/12.) and post entries five times a week.

      Respond to forum posts and become more engaged with this community.

      Achieve platinum status for six of the twelve months.

      Enjoy my poker and focus on play rather than outcomes of individual hands.

      Oh - and try to stay calm when someone hits a one-outer.


    • zobupasts
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      My 2012 poker goals:

      #1: get my FullTilt roll back.
      #2: paaaaAAAAARTYYYYYYYY!!!!
    • Kojika
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      My 2012 goals :

      - Play my A-game more often and stop browsing while playing
      - Keep a decent winrate at Plo 200
      - Getting more confident and start taking shots at Plo 400 at first, 600-1k would be nice by the end of the year
      - Don't get screwed up by taxes :)
      - Play more MTTs and ship at least one big

      Let's see how it goes !
    • Mopenza
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      My 2012 goals:

      :diamond: make my way to NL100(NL25 for now)
      :diamond: start playing PLO
      :diamond: make my blog
      :diamond: ship at last 1 MTT
      :diamond: be more active in PS forum

      Hope I make it
    • 0744379
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      Hi guys,

      Its hard to know where to start with this. I am Irish and have been playing poker for ages really with mixed results. I'm halfway through the poker school but I am putting off the shorthanded lesson for a while to concentrate on my full ring game. I play NL4 on Partypoker and just recently bought HEM2.

      If I was to follow any pro poker players lead I think it would be Dusty "leatherass" Schmidt. I love grinding mutiple tables for hours and I am beginning to see some real improvements in my game. I am currently off work because of a sports injury and poker has become my life for the past few weeks. I feel I have set myself up to be able to play regularly while working.

      Ok enough about me now for some goals. In 2012 I want to:

        Get to at least NL25 playing my A-game as much as possible

        Study and summarise 3-5 videos and articles a week also bringing my A-game to my study periods

        Possibly emigrate to australia using some poker profit for expenses
        Continue my blog on Pokerstrategy

        Contribute to the forums and hand evaluations

        Aim to play 1 million hands ( Gotta aim high :D )

        Keep the girlfriend happy

        Enjoy life with my new ipad and make all my friends and family join :f_cool:
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      Registration Date: 04.01.2009

      Soon it will be 3 years. And I am still at nl10. Shame on me. :facepalm: Next year I must to beat NL25. Also would like to beat NL50 but with that speed of becoming better as now, somehow I doubt.
      I should watch more videos and read more articles. Especially videos, since I heard that they can improve your game a lot
      It would also be good to read the book "The poker mindset" but I think the first thing is to know how to play poker. If you have a good mindset but no knowledge, then you will not win anyway. So I guess this should be a goal after I beat NL25.
    • z1pz0r
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      :club: Change BRM - have 50-100 buy-ins for current limit
      :club: Play NL400-600 at various sites
      :club: Earn enough money even with college for baller apartment and jacuzzi
      :club: Start playing NL HU actively, crush PLO on PL100+
      :club: Start playing Badugi just for the lolz
      :heart: Receive my iPad 2 in beginning of the new year.
    • Gabinr1
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      2012 Poker related goals:

      :heart: Improve and develop my game to a highstakes level
      Reach and beat NL400
      move in a pokerflat with other good dedicated poker players
      get a coach or serveral to get rid of all my knowledge gaps
      play in a few live tournaments and also play live cash-games to get some live experience

      I'm sure that I will do all of them because if I set my mind to something nothing can hold me back. Period. I had 2 downswings in my career, first when I made the transition from FR to SH, and the second when FTP went down and I lost my roll, but it didn't even cross my mind to quit, I believe strongly in NEVER GIVE UP. This is what I want to do till I have enough capital to start my own business(es) or to find something +EV in which to invest.

      Comunity poker related goals for 2012:
      :heart: Continue to analyze hands in the hand evaluation forum (as a professional judge for NL2-NL10 FR & SH in the Romanian community)
      help others to get better in their game so they too can enjoy the fruits of their work.
      continue to bring value to the forums by posting useful stuff
    • bazerk
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      Originally posted by NightFrostaSS
      My plan is to win lots of money so I could build a fortress and survive the zombie apocalypse.
      And make sure you get this.
    • roopopper
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      I'm going to beat nl2 :D
    • kakulace
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      I'm just starting to watch the vods with an intention to play maybe in two or three months.
      I want to learn a lot before I start playing, then I want to see if there are any benefits to actually learning stuff. [?]

      So the basic goal is to start playing in 2012, before summer sometime. Learn how to play 180ppl mtt sngos, if I'm lucky, then maybe win a couple or two.

      Oh yeah and an ipad would actually help me start learning by browsing some serious material here on pokerstrategy as well as other places!
      Thanks guys!
    • EmanuelC16
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      I'm one of the many that have been set back a lot by the fall of FTP. A come back would be a nice boost but my goals are not dependent of that.

      I plan to get a lot better in PLO SH. I want to grind 200k VPPs on Stars next year. This means my poker goal is rather standard. I have already started practicing for this run and it will be a real challenge. Hopefully with hard work and discipline I will achieve it along with other non-poker goals.
    • Kondikarl
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      I am playing 1-3 table SnG tournements(10 players) at the time with 1 dollar buy-in at the moment and around 60 dollars in the bank.

      My goal for 2012 is the following:

      1. Playing profitable on SNG 22 dollars buy in(10 players)

      2. Play a tournement with some of the real "pro" players and kick one of
      them out of the tournement, because of a good played game.

      3. Bankroll of minimum 3000 dollars.

      4. Win a price on Pokerstrategy