Party poker SnG midstakes question

    • kurrkabin
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      Hi there guys!

      I've been wondering if anyone who play on party can give me a bit of an info about how the midstakes SnG's there are. I am mean both SH and FR. Are they reg-fested? Is there a good traffic on the midstakes, how tough do you think the games are compared to stars f.e.

      Thank in advance.
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    • gavinonymous
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      I'm on WPT and had to stop playing low stakes sng's because the traffic was so dreadful. I can't imagine the mid stakes are any quicker. Table selection out the window, you take what you can get. Anyone else? Mabye it's because I'm in Canada and the hours are the worst.. Look at how few are running at once!
    • Gerovit
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      Hey bro!
      10 man traffic is awfull same as 6max speed which would be similar to Stars turbo's.
      Than there are 6-max turbo's which are not as fast as superturbo's maybe like 5-max on Ongame.
      Payout is 60/40 though, which makes bubble factor much higher and a lot of regs not adjusting to that.
      At times they are super reg-infested and sometimes full of fish, i can't seem to find any rule except maybe that in peak hours it's more reg infested and later in the night better reg-fish ratio.
      They are in average bit softer than Ongame 5max but rb is much smaller. Can't really compare them to stars since they are very different than any format there.
    • kurrkabin
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      Thanks, bro! Thanks, gavinonymous!

      Bit surprised traffic on party is like this.
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      Thanks for helping out guys :)