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Weekly Freebie 25/04: Short-handed MSS from Russia with MSS-expert "Milename"

    • EuanM
      Joined: 07.05.2011 Posts: 531
      By popular demand, for a Freebie this week, we thought it would be awesome include some Mid-stack strategy for everyone!

      This Video has been sourced and dubbed from the Russian community as per their recommendation, and at the communities request!

      In this dubbed video from our Russian community, Russian producer "milename" delivers a multi-tabling short-handed session review to showcase the most profitable and educational spots encountered during the session.

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    • EuanM
      Joined: 07.05.2011 Posts: 531
      :f_p: - Don't forget to vote for your favorite Freebie!
    • ArkhamAsylum
      Joined: 06.09.2011 Posts: 527
      I won't forget............. or will I .............. dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnnn :f_eek:
    • samson11
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 18
      Great vid, but I wish it was Full Ring!
    • xLadyFx
      Joined: 05.08.2011 Posts: 144
      More MSS please. Preferably FR.
    • surfwell1818
      Joined: 18.11.2009 Posts: 137
      Thanks milename and the dubb voice over person for this MSS SH video.(Was the dubb voice Barry Carter?)
      My feedback is given that the video's will need to be dubbed then fewer tables would make it easier for the dubber to do his thing.This would free up time to go into reviews of hands and analysis of tight spots.
      The SH game is pretty full of action at all times so in this case I think "less is more".
      Also to other Pokerstrategy MSS players and pros any new FR content would be great to sharpen up our analysis skills.Even session reviews would be sweet.
      Thanks all
    • p0rkus
      Joined: 03.03.2009 Posts: 230
      There are different ways of dubbing to make it seem less hectic :) I hope it wasn't too hectic for you this time around :)

      I checked out a couple of Milename's latest videos and I can see that he does live session as well as session review videos.
    • MJPerry
      Joined: 03.10.2011 Posts: 4,910
      Originally posted by surfwell1818
      Thanks milename and the dubb voice over person for this MSS SH video.(Was the dubb voice Barry Carter?)
      Barry wishes that was his voice!