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Poker House Philippines - Check this!

    • rdmnick
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      Feel like checking out Asia with a group of like minded people?

      So, I've been staying in Philippines for roughly 6-7 months, first 3 months in Cagayan de Oro and now 4 months and counting in Cebu.

      We're renting a big spacious house, 5 bedroom with pool in a good area short term. (It's almost impossible to get contracts for less than 6 months here)

      2 more months contract
      Thing is, almost everyone is going home by the end of May, and we still have 2 months left on our contract. Because of that I am creating this thread to see if there's any interrest in the last available room starting June till August. Perfect if you want to check out Philippines during a pretty much optimal amount of time. (of course there's always the posibillity of staying longer as many of us will)

      Anyways, to tell you all a bit about life here. (it is good)

      We're currently 5 people living in this house, but close by there are actually another 2 poker houses as well with 5-6 people each and we tend to do a lot of activities together such as pool parties, go clubbing, diving, island hopping and what not. There's usually always someone up for something, we have a skype group where we tend to keep in touch with each other or plan activities/events together. (They have a blog somewhere, been active for over a year and it had a lot of traffic actually, I'll try to find and link it by the end of this post in an edit)

      What about the house?
      The house is located in a high-end 24/7 security protected subdivision. Whenever we want to go somewhere, say the mall, cinema or hit the bars we just call the guardhouse and they'll send us a taxi which usually takes about 5-10 minutes.

      The house itself has 5 bedrooms + maid's quarters and 6 CRs. (comfort rooms/bathroom) We've got a big table in the living room for our grind setup and a huge aircon making the room nice and cool while playing. The kitchen is nice and spacious, and the pool tend to be super enticing, especially by night when you turn on the underwater lights. The only downside is the furnitures that are a bit soso, but overall it's a very nice and spacious house and we've all enjoyed our stay here very much.

      We've got a cook with over 10 years of experience in restaurants as well as a maid to do the overall chores such as cleaning, washing clothes, shopping and what not. Although, we're thinking of replacing the cook due to his lack in english understanding.

      **The cost for the maid is PHP4,000 per month. (70€)
      **The cost for the cook is PHP7,000 per month. (120€)
      Just divide those costs by 5 people staying and you pay less than 40€ per month to have such services.

      **The house is actually, as it's short term PHP140k per month, so divided by 5 that's PHP28k meaning about 470€. On top of this is internet, which is about 15€ per person as well as water delivery, a similar amount, and not to forget electricity which varies a lot depending on air-con usage.

      So if you're looking to get away from your usual life and do a bit of travel this is a perfect opportunity. If you wish to stay longer this is also great as it lets you form an opinion about the city without binding yourself to a too long contract as finding less than 6 months is nearly impossible here unless you want to stay in a hotel.

      Philippines, Cebu
      To tell you a bit about PI, Cebu.

      Well, it is one of the largest city in Philippines, it's got pretty much anything you can ask for and as philippines climate is pretty much the same as Thailand you can expect to see a lot of beautiful nature, islands and what not. The plus compaired to Thailand would be the fact that it's not as tourist exploited yet so the prices are a bit better and also, and I don't think you realise how much of a difference this makes, everyone speaks english here as it is one of their official languages. So getting around is easy as pie and transport(taxis) wont cost you a thing here.

      I can also tell you that Cebu is surrounded by some beautiful islands such as Bantayan, Bohol, Malapascua and more. (you should google them) We've taken a few trips here and there, booking a resort and enjoying the tropical paradise for a few days before getting back to the house.

      I'll look to add some pictures of the house in a bit, and also make sure to edit/add anything I can think off.

      If you think this might be something for you (I'm sure it is) then you should get in touch with me on skype: [Edited by HollyMichelle] - Please use community tool as first point of contact
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